Honda Civic Hatchback Specs, Review, Release Date

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Honda Civic Hatchback Specs, Review, Release Date

Honda civic hatchback comes along with new improvements on the inside and the outside of the car. This is good news for those of you who are looking for the new kind of hatchback that is equipped with a lot of high technologies. Honda has brought the new Civic series to the different level of specs. At first, it came as sedan variant on the marketplace and this sedan is quite popular even though it seems that Honda was not satisfied with the sales of Honda Civic Sedan. And now honda try to bring something new by giving different model of Honda Civic.

On the other hands, this is going to be another option because we have a lot of choice of hatchback. Now, when you are saturated with Nissan or Ford Focus series, then you can choose the new honda civic hatchback that comes with better specifications. It has confirmed that Honda Civic hatch is not evolved into better model of car.

Honda Civic Hatch Design

It comes along with fresh model and stylish exterior. This is why you should own the new honda civic hatchback that start to be released in March 2015. At ever angle, you will see that this hatchback is impressive in overall bodywork. Honda adds sporty grille that fit with the bumper beneath it. Plus, Honda is now using LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) that will give dynamic appearance on the each side of the light.

Move on the inside you will find out that the new Civic hatchback also new improvements on the interior. The driver will get Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel and new paddle shifter. Honda also introduces Magic Seat so you can bring your stuff inside with Long, Tall, or Utility Mode and you can bring all of them in one ride. All of these conveniences will ensure the passengers and driver are comfortable during the trip.

Honda Civic Hatchback Performance

Talk about the performance of this hatchback, you will find out that this hatchback is ready to please you. It comes along with Agile Handling Assist System (AHAS) which is the new features that will make the car is more responsive. You can drive faster and keep stable at the same time.

Civic also fix the engine system to be better. It can be seen with just 6.6 liters then you can reach 100 km with maximum power of 104kW. See, this is the new hatchback that has low fuel consumption and it also has good fuel efficiency rating. Plus, Honda ensure that the new honda civic hatchback will be equipped with complete safety features with active and passive features that will ensure you are safe driving the new Civic hatchback.

Honda Civic Hatchback Release Date

This hatchback is already marketed on US since March 2015. But for the next generation of Civic hatchback will be announced soon, whether it is on the early year or at the end of 2016. Let’s wait until the presence of the next-gen of honda civic hatchback.

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