Here’s the Fact about The Fall Guy Truck!

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Have you ever seen The Fall Guy television program? This certainly becomes one of action and adventure TV program in the United States. This program presents several stuntmen who do some stunt works by using their physical skills. In The Fall Guy program, some cars and pickup trucks often used to for the show. Those  If you are one of The Fall Guy’s lovers, you probably wonder what kind of trucks that those stuntmen use for the show. So, here we give you bit information about The Fall Guy Truck.

What makes The Fall Guy Truck So Amazing?

Talking about The Fall Guy, some of you may wonder what type of truck was used in that program. How can it look so stunning? Yes, the trucks were surely amazing and manly. Seeing from its action shows, The Fall Guy used several kinds of trucks, such as Rounded Line 1982 Chevy C10 and GMC K-2500 Wideside along with Sierra Grande gear level package. Moreover, Rounded Line 1980 GMC K-25 Widesides also ever used for this show. The Fall Guy Truck certainly used powerful trucks for the shows. In the beginning, its series, a 1980 GMC 4X4 K-24 becomes the first truck that was used in the show. This was surely a great truck with 6 inch-lift, custom chrome light rack, great off-road lights, and other stunning equipment. However, for the next series, the 1980 GMC K-2500 Wideside turned into its main truck.

The Fall Guy TruckMoreover, a 1977 GMC Sierra 1500 also ever used in The Fall Guy series since Season 2 until Season 5. This was used to combat lots of pickup trucks being destroyed every week. Besides, this truck also can do a number of jumps with no damage. Due to its dangerous actions in these shows, such as huge jumping, racing, or even crashing, it makes The Fall Guy needs a lot of model of Chevy and GMC trucks. However, this program successfully made Chevy and GMC became the best trucks in 1980’s! The trucks normally look like a long-bed model, yet the show sometimes used short-bed model as well. These kinds of truck were equipped with an amazing 350 V8 along with 350 turbo hydra or 3-speed automatic transmission. The Fall Guy Truck was certainly startling!

The Fall Guy TruckFor the 1982 Chevy C10, it was actually base equipped with 4.1 Liter 250 2-bbl L6 engine. This engine arrived along with the fully-synchronized 3-speed manual transmission. In addition, for the fuel tank, it got 16 and 20 gal capacity. For the models, all 1982 Chevy actually arrived with regular cab model. The Fall Guy Truck was painted using two-tone color, brown and tan. It also had an eagle which is painted on the top, and it got “Fall Guy Stuntman Association” phrase base. These Chevy and GMC trucks were extremely often used for in huge jumping, high-speed chasing, or great crashing. That is why these trucks became so popular among all ages, even for children. For that reason, there are a lot of toys and replicas of its truck version was made and sold well at that time. However, at the end of session, one of The Fall Guy Truck was auctioned in the show. Besides, one of them was also sold on eBay around in 2003.

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