Get to Know Your Chevy Colorado Diesel MPG Details

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For pickup fans, having a vehicle that can tow heavy loads without sucking down all the petroleum fast is what they needed. In a brand new of Chevrolet, Colorado has been one of the fuel economy diesel stars. Check out the details about Chevy Colorado diesel mpg below to help you pick up your next vehicle.

Chevy Colorado Performance

Colorado is powered by four cylinder Duramax diesel base engine with 2.8-liter inline. This engine power is able to generate 181 horsepower which feels quite low then the competitors, but it results in 369 lb-ft of torque. The torque capacity is far more than the other V6 gasoline vehicle. It means that the Colorado can do bigger towing jobs, but also stronger and smoother when to pull a trailer up highway grades. Even in normal driving conditions, the vehicle performance is more relaxed than the gas engines models. Along with six-speed transmission configuration, the engine keeps the revelation low and driver doesn’t need to change the gears as often.

Chevy Colorado diesel mpg is even higher than models with regular gasoline. For four-wheel drive configurations of 2.8-liter 4-cyl engine, Chevy Colorado diesel mpg on the city is about 20-25 mpg, 28 mpg on the highway, while 23 mpg when both combined. The regular gasoline of Colorado 2.5-liter with four-wheel drive configuration only works at 21 mpg combined city and highways, while the 3.6-liter one is at 19 combined.

Chevy Colorado diesel mpg

Chevy Colorado diesel mpg is a quite impressive refinement. Colorado diesel towing capacity is up to 7,700 pounds which can tow a race car or boat. In four-wheel drive models, you can even get 7,600 pounds towing capacity. Although some of the drivers expect to hear some diesel-y noises, it is different. Unlike other diesel vehicles that produce cheap and clattery sounds, but Colorado is tougher and brawny that occurs far less than expected. Mostly, the power delivery is smoother resulting in quietness in the cabin. You can get LT and Z71 models to get the diesel engine. However, it is only available in crew cab only.

Chevy Colorado diesel mpg

Other Capacities

Inside the car, you will be accompanied by touchscreens MyLink infotainment system, even already with built-in Apple CarPlay compatibility. The overall interior is generally well-placed and intuitive. You can get comfortable seat adjustment with more inches of legroom in the rear seat.

Moreover, you will get more high-tech, modern, and comfortable features behind the wheel. There is an integrated trailer brake controller which allows you to hook up a trailer without worry, engine braking, and much more. You will also have no worry for towing and hauling heavy loads. Furthermore, for the safety, Chevy Colorado features anti-lock disc brakes, trailer sways control, stability and traction control, full-length side curtain and front seat side impact airbags, also a rearview camera.

Although there are some dissents about diesel, after learning Chevy Colorado diesel mpg above, you can ensure that the pickup has an impressive job especially among mid-size trucks models. It can be an enough reason to answer why Colorado is the truck you needed.

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