Dodge Power Wagon 2015 Review

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The Dodge Power Wagon 2015 was a sensational pickup truck. This truck was one of the best small size trucks on the US market place. Even it was chosen as the Truck of the Year back in 2015! It is not surprising that now, there are a lot of auto fans that would like to own the Dodge Power Wagon. It is because the truck has amazing performance for towing and hauling. It can compete with other trucks that just released this year. Plus, the price of this truck is cheaper than the new truck in the market place. Are you interested in owning the Dodge Power Wagon from 2015?

A Brief Review of 2015 Dodge Power Wagon

People said that the old Power Wagon was a good ride. Plus, it had great interior style and hi-tech features that would please the owner. Even some people compare it with the Dodge Laramie that offers luxurious interior design. This truck had heated front and rear seats that would keep you warm during the winter. And don’t forget about its high-quality leather and dual zone HVAC that will ensure it has good air flow. Overall, the interior of Dodge Power Wagon 2015 is pretty good.

Dodge Power Wagon 2015

If you want better ride, you could choose the top notch trim levels that will give you better package. It is including the Off Road Performance that will enhance your experience in driving this truck on all terrains. It also has easy to use Electric Lockers that will grip the trailer firmly. And don’t forget about the ¾ ton chassis that is durable and light-weight. It seems that the Dodge Power Wagon 2015 was built for heavy job in all terrains. What about its engine and performance? Let’s take a look at the review below.

Engine and Performance


The truck had amazing performance on the first test. But how about now? We think that the truck still kicks well because Dodge put 6.4-liter HEMI engine that will boost at least 410 horsepower with 430 lb –ft of torque. Plus, it has automatic suspension that will make your journey better. In comparison with the new truck, the old Dodge Power Wagon 2015 is way better than the Ford F-150. The last truck mentioned produce only 310 horsepower, even its EcoBoost engine couldn’t compete with the old HEMI engine.

Dodge Power Wagon 2015

The gas mileage rating is also pretty good because it is rated 14.6 mpg while the average gas mileage rating for the pickup truck is 17 mpg. Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out about the towing and hauling capacity. But based on our record, the old Dodge Power Wagon 2015 could bring at least 8,000 lbs for towing. Overall, if you want to buy used pickup truck then you can put this brand on your list. All you need to do is looking for the sellers that give you decent price and excellent vehicle. Don’t forget to check all of the body parts and its features before you purchase the used Dodge Power Wagon.

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