Check How Ford Trailer Backup Assist Ease Your Work

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One of the capabilities of pickup truck is its towing and hauling capacity like a trailer to bring lots of things, not just load several things in the bed. But, there is one problem often faced by the driver, going in reverse while hauling a trailer. It can be a big stress. For this reason, Ford releases a new feature of Pro Trailer Backup Assist to ease the backed process through F-150 models. Check out the details about Ford trailer backup assist below.

What is Pro Trailer Backup Assist?

Ford trailer backup assist has been developed since 5-years ago. In the new model of Ford, the system is even developed with more exclusive among its class. Pro Trailer Backup Assist is a feature to help driver backing a trailer into a narrow parking spot or launching a boat. The computer system will work automatically after you input the trailer information.

Ford trailer backup assist

How does Trailer Backup Assist work?

The system of Ford trailer backup assist works by tapping into the electric power steering of the trucks. Here, you will only need about 10 minutes to process the system. Here, you will teach the computer of your truck to work with the trailer you have been hooked up behind. You need to take a few measurements about the track of your trailer does. By adding a black and white sticker to the hitch, you can let the rear camera-based system to keep the track. The backup assist system can save information about the trailers as many as 10 data which each are 33 feet long positioned from the hitch point to the center of the axles.

After you turn a knob on the dash, the function of the system will start and Ford trailer backup assist will do the rest. The knob will determine the measurement for how much the system should turn the trailer. The system will automatically steer and control the speed with the gas and brake pedals. The rear camera system will help the computer works by giving reference angle use black and white sticker. As the angle of the trailer keeps increasing, the system is able to limit the rearward speed of the truck in order to provide more comfortable ride.

Ford trailer backup assist

To use this function, drivers will rotate a knob to indicate how much the system should turn the trailer. From there, the technology takes over and automatically steers the Expedition to turn the trailer the desired amount based on the knob rotation. The system is able to limit the vehicle’s speed in order to provide a more comfortable ride on different road surfaces. This not only makes the process less stressful, it can also save time that might be wasted on incorrect maneuvering, time wasted going back and forth to get the perfect angle.

Although the system doesn’t work with trailers with gooseneck models, it doesn’t affect the overall works of Ford trailer backup assist. If you often use your pickup truck to haul a trailer, using a vehicle that can control reserve works automatically is like lifting up half of your driving stress. Moreover, you can also save more time which always wasted for doing incorrect maneuvering backing, don’t you?

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