When the weekend is coming up soon, you might have imagined brought your off-road toys such as dirt bike or ATV up to the hill. Here, you might need a vehicle that offers ride and handling of a car and also has pickup truck capability […]

2017 might be the best season for new auto. Honda will join this season market by releasing some most anticipated products. One of the attractive ones is 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid. With the high specifications at the previous series, Honda will give more pleasure for […]

ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle is a vehicle that is usually used to travel with on low-pressure tires. This ATV has handlebars like motorcycle but has four wheels as car. For the first, ATV was used for military and it was found with three wheels. Day […]

2018 Honda Pilot – The all new 2018 Honda Pilot will arrive in the US marketplace with more changes. It is good to hear that Honda will finally release a brand new of SUV that will give you great ambience on the inside and outside. […]

2018 Honda Odyssey – Another news we heard about Honda is the new appearance of the new Odyssey that speed by Auto Mobile Mag. The mystery about the next generation of Honda Odyssey is answered because it denies the rumor about Honda that will no […]

2018 Honda s2000 – The rumor about 2018 Honda s2000 spreads around the nation since the concept of this convertible unveiled secretly. Honda is one of the best auto manufacturers in the world since all of its product accepted in almost all nations around the […]

What do you think about a pickup truck car? Yes, this car will look so manly with its rough design. Then, in the previous fall 2016, Honda had released its new car having been designed in a pickup truck car. It is actually the newest […]

2018 Honda Civic Type R must be the favorite one because of its sport appearance in the civic car. Different from other civic that usually are not designed to be sport car, Honda Civic Type R has the great interior which is designed to have […]

Honda Element – Dog car might be the best title for 2017 Honda Element. If you ever know, Honda ever decided to stop production of one of its most controversial car. Then, for the replacement Honda will launch Honda Element in the new version without […]

Get Around the Town with the New 2016 Honda S2000 Coming to the convertible segment, Honda comes with the new 2016 Honda S2000. There are some improvements of this Honda which was firstly released in 1998. It offers stylish design of a modern city car […]

2016 Honda NSX Offering a Challenge of Driving a Supercar Daily Going to “fight” against the rivals in supercar segment, Honda has revealed some more details about the new 2016 Honda NSX. Even, the 2016 Honda NSX price has also been announced that it will […]

2016 Honda Civic Sedan Review 2016 Honda Civic Sedan will be available in the US marketplace as Honda confirms that they will release this variant with a turbocharged engine. The current Honda Civic Sedan on the marketplace is using regular DOHC engine as the source […]

The All New 2016 Honda Accord Sedan Review 2016 Honda Accord Sedan would be another option for those of you who want to buy a brand new sedan released by Honda. As we know that Accord is classified as exclusive sedan in Asian marketplace, but […]

2016 Honda Civic Hatchback Specification Review The news and reports about 2016 Honda Civic Hatchback make the auto fans around the world happy. Finally, Honda Civic is also available in hatchback models. It brings fresh air for the auto fans that are looking for a […]

2016 Honda Fit LX Hatchback Redesign 2016 Honda Fit LX hatchback will be coming out soon. Even though this hatchback comes along with facelift, but it does not make the automotive enthusiasts lose their interest in buying this hatchback. Honda knows that the appearance of […]

Honda Civic Hatchback Specs, Review, Release Date Honda civic hatchback comes along with new improvements on the inside and the outside of the car. This is good news for those of you who are looking for the new kind of hatchback that is equipped with […]

2015 Honda Fit Release Date in USA 2015 Honda Fit release date is awaited by the automotive enthusiast that want to buy a hatchback made by Honda. Many people ask about “when the release date of Honda Fit in 2015?” Or another common question like […]

The Next Generation of Honda Fit Sport 2016 2016 Honda Fit sport will start to be introduced at the end of the year. Even though the new Honda Fit that released in 2015 still to be marketed, but it seems that Honda will give different […]

  2015 Honda Fit Review Hatchback 2015 Honda Fit review will guide you to decide whether you will buy this variant or not. You should read some reviews about the car you want to buy so it will guide you and get you know about […]