Sometimes it is not about the speed, but it is about safety. Yep, the most important thing in driving is the safety. It doesn’t matter how fast you are on the lane because arriving at the destination in one piece is way more important than anything else. And if you are looking for the safest hatchback cars, we have a […]

People always choose hatchback with the most fuel efficient engine. There are a lot of best fuel efficient hatchback hybrids out there that are waiting for you. The wave of auto market is changing because people think that regular gasoline or diesel engine is not the answer for their expense. There are a lot of drawbacks when they drive with […]

When it comes to large size car, there are a lot of options for you there. You can choose the best large hatchback as your brand new car because hatchback has more spaces on the inside. Plus, due to its bodywork, you will obtain great performance because the size of hatchback is not too large. Hatchback is agile and nimble, […]

This year is almost ending and can you mention the best hatchback of 2016? It is always exciting that people, expert and all auto fans from all aspect sit and talk about what has been through this year. And it is common that at the end of the year, the auto fans will discuss the best sedan, the best SUV […]

Are you a new driver? Have you got your licensed? Well, we have a list of the best hatchback for young driver that we recommend you to buy. It is not that new, but at least it has something that new driver needs. When it comes to the first-time driver, it is not always about the pace and performance of […]

Cars are not only the vehicle you use for moving from a place to another. There are lots of things you need to consider when you buy a car. Even now, the tiniest detail of the car needs to be considered for having best driving experience. Especially when it comes to hatchback, the compact car for urban people. Therefore, there […]

Who doesn’t love the hatchbacks? The small car with dynamic design and perfect look makes it even more attractive with modern design and will make many people fall in love with the cars. The hatchbacks segment has also grown faster and more promising from the buyer aspect and also from the market demands. From the pricing, the hatchback segment has […]

Car is one of the transportation that will never end. In every years, there are so many new designs or series of car that offered. However, there might be some special recommended car in every year. If we throw back again, there must be some car that still be your favorite. One of the best year for new auto is […]

The hybrid cars are now trending since Tesla bravely release a brand new full-hybrid car. Since that day, plenty of auto manufacturers release a hybrid variant to overcome the new stream. Even BMW announced that they will release a new concept of future car with hybrid engine. Now auto manufacturer is afraid that the new technology will replace the old-fashioned […]

In this recent day, we know that there are many car manufacturers which always create a new car every year. As the result, you may find many kinds of cars that you can choose for your vehicles. However, since the technology used in the modern vehicle is almost the same, you will find just ordinary car. Thus, for you who […]

Fastest Hatchback – In this recent day, there are many kinds of cars that you can choose. It is starting from sedan up to hatchback car. Then, have you heard about hatchback cars? As it is known that this hatchback car is designed in a different style. If we usually see that the doors of the cars are only on the […]

Small Automatic Hatchback – Nowadays, you will find many kinds of car model. It is starting from sedan, coupe to the van. All of those models maybe you have been heard, haven’t you? Then, how about small automatic hatchback? Not all the companies produce this model of the car. The use of the small cars that is still rarely made only […]

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