Here are The Best Hatchbacks in India

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Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Who doesn’t love the hatchbacks? The small car with dynamic design and perfect look makes it even more attractive with modern design and will make many people fall in love with the cars. The hatchbacks segment has also grown faster and more promising from the buyer aspect and also from the market demands. From the pricing, the hatchback segment has wide range of the affordable and low maintenance cars to the high-end ones. Here we provide you the information of best hatchbacks in India.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

This car is a perfect choice for Indian customers since this car is a great car that offers more than just a car to drive, but also something that will make your performance even greater. So, it is reasonable to add this car to the list of best hatchbacks in India. The new design makes the car more beautiful with the modern design and exterior look that is stylish, suitable with the growing trend in the market. The small car even gives the roomy cabin, with great features equipped on the cabin. The safety features are also embedded in the cars, making it more functional and it will ensure your safety on the roads. The car is embedded with 1.2-liter engine for petrol and 13 liters for diesel.

Hyundai Grand i10

Playful, small, yet still stylish for city road driving. Hyundai has launched the car for competing with Maruti Suzuki Swift. This is a great car that is unique for you to have, with the perfect work from South Korean manufacturer. The cabin is designed as spacious room with integrated entertainment features. The airbag is also embedded in the car, making it safer for both driver and passengers. Considered as one of the best hatchbacks in India, his car is completed with the 1.2 liter Kappa Dual VTVT engine for petrol. The gearbox has 5-speed transmission, with another option of four-speed transmission one.

Mahindra KUV100

This is one of the masculine, sporty looking cars that can be bought in India. The SUV market welcomed the sporty Mahindra with the great enthusiasm. The car has similar design with the XUV500, the SUV car which is previously released by the manufacturer. This car is designed as a roomy car with six seats. There are also some features that make the car more reasonable to be added to your wish list. For example, the car has perfect steering wheel with amazing handling experience. The arm rests are also added to improve your comfort while there are also four speakers along with two tweeters for making your entertainment experience better in the cabin. So, it is reasonable to add this car to the list of best hatchbacks in India.

Renault Kwid

With sporty look ad unique grille, this makes the Kwid more attractive to see. The entry level car released by Renault also brings the greatness and thus nominated as one of best hatchbacks in India. With the CMF-A platform, this car is purposely designed to be stylish and equipped with premium features. Not only on the exterior look, the interior design, and other safety features are also added to one of the best hatchbacks for giving you amazing driving experience.