The Best Hatchback for Young Driver with Affordable Price

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Are you a new driver? Have you got your licensed? Well, we have a list of the best hatchback for young driver that we recommend you to buy. It is not that new, but at least it has something that new driver needs. When it comes to the first-time driver, it is not always about the pace and performance of the car. But it is more about the safety rating, prices, and also the convenience level. So, let’s put all of your assumptions about the good looking cars with super fast pace. The newly drive needs a safer car that will ensure no one gets hurt.

List of Good Hatchback for Young Driver

Skoda Citigo Hatchback

This one has awarded as the Best First Car rating that has proven to be safe and sound for the newly driver. The price is pretty cheap, it starts from $ 11,000 for the used model. The only thing that this car is only available in UK and Europe, which means, it would be hard for the US citizens to buy this car. This hatchback is amazing because it has great engine and affordable price. Plus, this hatchback is not too large, which will be very easy to be handled by the new driver.

Hyundai i10

Another hatchback for young driver that is safe and cheap is Hyundai i10. First thing first, it has tiny size, with 4 seat passengers that still offer comfortable space on the inside. Under the hood, you will find 1.0-litre engine that produces no more than 100 horsepower but offers great gas mileage rating. This hatchback is also awarded as the best compact hatchback car that will be your best friend to roam the street.

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen is not just offering diesel hatchback for their loyal fans. They have low-cost hatchback that is suitable for the young driver. The Volkswagen Polo is one of the best hatchbacks for young driver that is recommended for you. This hatchback uses 1.0-litre engine but uses Turbo system that will give you enough power to roam the streets. The price of the used Volkswagen Polo is quite affordable, it starts from $ 15,000 for the 2015 version.

Ford Fiesta

If you want the best hatchback for young driver that has stylish design, the new Ford Fiesta would be the best one for you. Moreover, the new Ford Fiesta is now equipped with Eco Boost engine that will reduce the fuel consumption without sacrificing the performance of the car. The design is eye-catching with plenty tones available. The price is also affordable because the MSRP starts from $ 22,000 for the base model.

Those are several options for those looking for best hatchback for young driver. Sometimes, it would be a wise move if we give used hatchback for the young driver so they will get used to with the traffic, steering and also handling. On the worst case scenario, when the car damages then you will not lose a lot of money.

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