Best Hatchback under 25k for Dynamic Ones

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There are lots of car designs in this world, but hatchback never dies as one of the most wanted car styles that should be purchased because of its stylish, comfortable features. The manufacturers are also creating new innovations that make the hatchback car to be really comfortable to have. The style impresses the dynamic look with comfortable seating and design. You will find that it is really stylish to drive on the city road, too. So, if you are looking for more comfort in driving hatchback car, here are the list of best hatchback under 25k to consider.

The Best Hatchback under 25K

Lexus CT 200h

This is one of the best cars that should be exposed. Designed with classy look which characterized Lexus style, this car is a go for everyone who love to drive hatchback. This car is on the top rank of best hatchback under 25k because it will give you smooth driving experience with easy maneuver in steering and handling. The car is also great in the feature of fuel economy. The technology is also great and it is suitable as the city car. The car is rated at $25,000 and will be worth the price.

Ford Focus ST

This is beautiful car with the exactly $25,000 price. You will find the car as an exclusive one, but is so great with the stylish design that will drive all eyes to you when you drive on the city road. This car is the one with 5-door style. The handling is also so accurate and crisp, making it a perfect car for everyone who loves a car with perfect handling and steering. You can also find that the car id powered with turbocharged engine with 4 cylinder. The engine can produce up to 250 horsepower. Besides, it also get the best transmission and is completed with the infotainment system that will make everyone envy with one of the best hatchback under 25k

Mazda 3 the Hatchback Series

This car is also available in sedan version. This is a 5-door hatchback version with the touch of modern, exclusive looking car for your driving experience. The car is completed with the amazing handling and steering. Besides, it also has good cruise control, warning system for forward-collision, automatic braking and more great features. This car is also great in the aspect of fuel economy. The beautiful car is priced $20,000, which is reasonable to be put on the list best hatchback under 25k.

Subaru XV Crosstrek

A beautiful, excellent looking car is yours to choose. The style is dynamic with simple style is really a good thing to consider. Besides, it also offers you the hybrid version. The car is also completed with many sophisticated features. This is priced at $22,600, making it one of the best car in the list of best hatchback under 25k. With all of those features, there is no doubt that you will get comfort while you drive the car on the city road. So, what do you think about this?

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