The Best Fuel Efficient Hatchback Hybrid for 2017

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People always choose hatchback with the most fuel efficient engine. There are a lot of best fuel efficient hatchback hybrids out there that are waiting for you. The wave of auto market is changing because people think that regular gasoline or diesel engine is not the answer for their expense. There are a lot of drawbacks when they drive with regular cars. The electric engine is predicted as the future motor that installed in every car. It is not surprising that there are a lot of auto manufacturers that start to use electric engine under the hood.

From all of those best fuel efficient hatchback hybrids, we have a list of new hatchback hybrid that is recommended for you. Take a look at the list below to find out which one of these hatchback hybrids that fit for you.

2017 Toyota Prius C

Toyota Prius is one of the most wanted hybrid hatchbacks in the market. There are several types of Toyota Prius hatchback in the market, such as Toyota Prius V and the base model. The price is affordable, starting at $ 21,000 which is very cheap on par with other electric cars in the auto market. The range mile for the Prius C Hatchback is 53 miles from the city with 46 miles on the highway. This compact hatchback uses 1.5-litre engine with CVT Transmission that will help your acceleration.

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Lexus CT 200h

Another hybrid hatchback in the auto market that you should consider is Lexus CT 200h. It comes out with great performance and impressive range miles. The estimate range mile for this hatchback is 43 miles from the city with 40 miles of the highway. Thanks to 1.8-litre engine that accompany the plug-in hybrid machine. The price of this car is starting at $ 30,000 which is on the same level with the average electric hatchback in the US market.

Hatchback Hybrid for 2017

2017 Mitsubishi Mirage

The Japanese car maker also has something to offer in this segment. The new Mitsubishi Mirage has great performance on the street. It is awarded as the most fuel efficient hatchback in Asian market. It is not surprising that they bring the all-new Mitsubishi Mirage in the US market because it has good gas mileage rating. The EPA-estimated for this tiny hatchback is 37 miles in the city with 44 miles in the highway. Among other best fuel efficient hatchback hybrids, this variant is the cheapest series. It could be said that the new Mirage has everything you need about cheap electric hatchback.

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Hatchback Hybrid for 2017

Ford C-Max Hybrid

Ford always one step beyond its competitor. There are a lot of Ford hatchback series on the market that you can choose according to your driving style.

Hatchback Hybrid for 2017

The Ford C-Max is the best in class hatchback hybrid produced by Ford that will compete with other best fuel efficient hatchback hybrids in the auto market next year. The miles range for this electric hybrid is 42 miles and 37 miles. That’s all about the best fuel efficient hatchback hybrids in US market.

Gallery of The Best Fuel Efficient Hatchback Hybrid for 2017