Back To The Future Toyota Truck Story

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BTTF fans would agree that DeLorean was the important part of the movie since it was the time machine that took Marty and Doc back to the future. The truth is… Marty McFly’s back to the future Toyota truck was kind of the actual cool. The wet black 1985 Toyota Pickup SR5, the actual truck, was and is still anyone dreams about. To this day, the spirit of the future still lives and will continue to do so. In fact, the news had it that Toyota has agreed to build the Tacoma Truck to look somewhat similar to the original back to the future Toyota truck.

The Tacoma Truck

Its actual name is Toyota’s 2008 SEMA Pickup which later named the Tacoma Truck Concept. In bringing back the atmosphere of BTTF trilogy, the SEMA was built exactly like her. Look, the exterior, interior, you name it; it looks similar.

Quoted from one of those lucky peeps who has driven the SEMA, the car is as classical as McFly’s ’85 pickup truck. First of all, the interior is retro that it looks like it’s taking you back in time. The seats are brown and tan with a genuine 20-year old Recaro cloth. Second, the exterior also resembles the classic ’85 SR5. It has solid front axle and more.

back to the future Toyota truck

Should the Marty McFly’s truck reincarnate?

In 2015, the exact date of BTTF’s 30th-anniversary celebration, Toyota did something that made every BTTF fan smile brightly. They couldn’t resist the temptation to bring back the memory of McFly’s iconic pickup truck. At that time, the car was recreated using Tacoma Truck. The truck was surprisingly precise in term of appearance from bottom to the top, including the KC HiLites lighting. The back of the future Toyota truck is back on display. The copies were displayed at the Major Tourist Destinations in LA, NY, and DL in 2015.

The Restoration

back to the future Toyota truckAfter the trilogy ended, the truck was used for personal use. Later that time, it was sold and turned into a bright orange pickup truck, almost unrecognizable. Then, the truck was bought by the current owner who also restored it to its original appearance. The current owner owns a restoration shop, Greg’s Restorations. He is also a big fan of BTTF trilogy which drives him to locate the car, restore it and preserve it as part of one of American classic movie franchise. He also owned one of the 12 DeLorean time machine cars used in the movies. Bringing back the back to the future Toyota truck had been his ultimate dream which now realized.

Working with his father, together they restore the inner and outer part of the orange pickup truck to its original state. As you may tell, there was a lot to do to restore the condition. First, they did a complete mechanical restoration. Then, they remanufactured many components of the car and changed them to a higher specs compared to the original equipment. The back to the future Toyota truck is now back on the road! Or… back to the future?

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