Customers are crazy about this new, upcoming 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio. The little bird said that the engine produces an amazing performance, especially for carving up canyons. Stelvio Quadrifoglio has prepared more surprises for customers, betterment to the exterior and […]

This year, the all-new 2018 Kia Stinger will be displayed at the 2017 North American International Auto Show. There will be surprises regarding the car’s new design and specs. It is said that before you are going to the showcase, […]

Economical, nature-friendly car is trending right now. With the issue of global warming, the automotive industry has been criticized as their products contribute a lot to global warming. However, new technology promises of vehicle with lesser risk of damaging the […]

Honda is one of the automakers that branches out into four-wheel industry with its impressive car lineup. In 2017 where automakers are in race with releasing their 2018 vehicles, Honda will not miss out the as opportunity. The newest of […]

Automotive industry is heading to new direction with the latest development of technology. Old friend Toyota that is based on Japan surely will not miss this era especially since the country itself is known for its innovative technology. One of […]

Audi comeback with the most incredible design. 2018 Audi A1 is the most anticipated car from Audi. There so many upgrading that can be seen. We can see from its exterior. It has uniquely tremendous exterior that make you be […]

Are you looking for the new car? You can choose 2018 Alpine A110. The car will be on the market in early 2018. This car already makes its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The cost of this car […]

After a long time, finally, Volvo will launch its first middle size of 60 series models. One of them 2018 Volvo XC60. When you think about it, it will be bit different. This new Volvo is even smaller than SUV but […]

The 2018 Ford Mustang comes to the market with its first major makeover since the car was released back in 2015. For three years this Mustang always comes with the same design but as for 2018, the manufacturer has decided […]

In 2018, the Range Rover company release a new car called the 2018 Land Rover Range Rover Velar. This car is a new type of Land Rover that meant for the fox-hunting upper crust. Actually, the Velar badge was a […]

2018 Subaru Crosstek is a perfect compact crossover for everyone who is in search of an amazing high-riding experience. This crossover has been a favorite for many drivers who seek for a little more ride height, decent gas mileage at […]

2013 was the first year that Audi Q5 barely surpassed the A4 as the as the sales king of all the Audis at that time. But, by last year this car outsold the A4 by almost 40 percent. They got […]

In the last two decades, the crossover has been gaining more popularity as driving companion replacing its predecessors such as station wagon or hatchbacks. Toyota takes up this opportunity to debut a new version of CH-R or Coupe High-Rider in […]

What’s going to be cooler than driving around the city with luxury sport car? Yes, now you can do the same. Coming out in the newest version, 2018 Lexus LC has been placing its position on the top rank of […]

What are your criteria when looking a new driving companion? Performance, exterior, or interior looks? Well, if you want to find a Japanese produced car with European feeling, then 2018 Lexus LS sedan model should be on your list. Coming […]

Are you looking for a new compact-crossover inside your garage? Well, now it’s your time to move on to this upcoming release of Terrain. General Motors has redesigned its predecessor2010-Terrain compact vehicle into a new version in 2018. Offering premium […]

Are you looking for a beast vehicle for mild to wild terrain as your driving companion? Well, how about a new version of F-150 Raptor pickup truck? With new badass look, you won’t be any more proud than grabbing the […]

BTTF fans would agree that DeLorean was the important part of the movie since it was the time machine that took Marty and Doc back to the future. The truth is… Marty McFly’s back to the future Toyota truck was […]

There is certain kind of vehicle that is designed not only as a mean of transportation but also one that can help human to do stuff like carrying stuff, lifting or digging the earth and much more. This kind of […]

Have you ever seen The Fall Guy television program? This certainly becomes one of action and adventure TV program in the United States. This program presents several stuntmen who do some stunt works by using their physical skills. In The […]