2017 Porsche 960 Supercar Interior

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Still, Porsche will have sport architecture for this new 2017 Porsche 960. What makes it different is, Porsche tried to reduce the weight so that it will affect the fuel economy of this new Porsche 960. By the development of architecture body line of the car, it will help Porsche 960 provides more performance and specs in lightweight platform. Moreover, when you look into this car it will make you smile brightly for its model. By the body look the latest Porsche Cayman, it will give you more elegant vibe since it will have a new platform made of carbon fiber and aluminum. In that features, it has capability in reducing the weight to below 3.000 pounds. You can imagine what will be greater this sport car in the light weight.

Gallery of 2017 Porsche 960 Supercar Interior