5 The Best Economy Hatchback With Price

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5 The Best Economy Hatchback With Price

The best economy hatchback can be alternatives for those of you who want to buy low priced cars. I know that there are some people that underestimate the ability of economy hatchback because they assume that the cheap hatchback always identical with inconvenience, small and stiff room, and least features on the cars. But this is the thing that might happens a long time ago because now there are so many cars makers that already built the new series of economy hatchback with full of features that will offer convenient, comfortability and also the ease of driving with cheap priced cars.

Never underestimate the power of economy hatchback because it offers something new for you. They will give you the best experience to drive with best economy hatchback because it will not only save your budget but also it will give you comfortability. Now, take a look at these economy hatchback available on the marketplace.

Kia Rio

The new Kia Rio is classified as one of the best compact hatchbacks there is. It has sporty design with eye-catching model on the exterior and it offers comfortability on the inside. Plus, the price of this hatchback that is friendly for your pocket that attract the automotive enthusiasts to choose the 2015 Kia Rio. With just around $ 14,000 you will get hatchback with Direct Injection engine.

Suzuki SX4

It is presented as the newcomer in the US marketplace. The new Suzuki SX4 reached the award of best economy hatchback on marketplace that is recommended. Even some of the automotive enthusiast said that the new Suzuki SX4 is way better than Mazda 3 which is offering 2.3-liter 4-cyl engine. The price has not released yet but it is predicted to be less than $ 20,000 in 2016.

Honda Fit

After the success of Honda Fit in Asian market, now the most famous Japanese carmaker start to bring the new Honda Fit in USA market and worth for $ 15,000. It is believed as hatchback that has good gas mileage with rating of 31 mpg combined. It is pretty impressive because the average gas mileage for the hatchback model is around 24 mpg combined.

Chevrolet Sonic

Another option of the best economy hatchback is Chevrolet Sonic. It comes to replace the previous model of Chevrolet Aveo that start to leave behind the by automotive enthusiasts. This hatchback has good engine with power up to 135 horsepower that is enough to bring you drive fast with 5-doors hatchback priced for less than $ 17,000.

Hyundai Accent

In the end, you will find that Hyundai Accent series still continue the glory of its predecessor. Since the presence of the new Hyundai Accent hatchback, the automotive enthusiasts have a good reason to choose Hyundai Accent. It has dynamic design with less noise, it feels smoother, and also it has stronger engine that produce better emission as well. I think that you will get the perfect hatchback that twill offer convenience, save-cost budget with priced $ 14,000 and also low emission system. It is not surprising it is classified as the best economy hatchback.


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