2018 Toyota CH-R: A Young and Wild Crossover

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In the last two decades, the crossover has been gaining more popularity as driving companion replacing its predecessors such as station wagon or hatchbacks. Toyota takes up this opportunity to debut a new version of CH-R or Coupe High-Rider in 2018. This subcompact crossover is focused on style to emphasize a youthful and wild feeling at once. The young who prefer smaller vehicle than a bigger one might be interested to look out for more information, So, let’s check out more the details about 2018 Toyota CH-R in the following review.

Exterior and Interior Design

Actually, the exterior design of 2018 Toyota CH-R is quite controversial. As you see the profile from up front, you might remember the profile of a crouching chimpanzee. The overall dimension is also actually bigger than its rival such as Juke by 103.9-inch wheelbase and 171.2-inch length. This 5-door crossover has similar features like the competitors such as high-mounted rear door handles and foreshortened tail.

2018 Toyota CH-R

Meanwhile, the interior offers an adequate seating position for the driver to the steering wheel. CH-R is suited for small family because it can only accommodate up to 5 passengers including the driver. However, 2018 Toyota CH-R has disappointing dashboard touch. Some say even the dashboard is just like Grandpa’s clock radio. It lacks with navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. You will only get 7-inch touchscreen display to show digital audio and hands-free phone interface with one USB port.Still, the interior designs include cool diamond-shaped imprints in the headliner and door panels. This unique styling is using hard plastic trim pieces around the cabin.

Driving Performance

2018 Toyota CH-RAs expected from crossover, the base engine is powered up by 2.0-liter inline-four with front-wheel drive and CVT (continuously variable automatic transmission). However, all-wheel drive is not an optional feature. The powertrain can generate 144 horsepower. This engine acceleration is estimated to be adequate for traffic maneuvers. The plus point is 2018 Toyota CH-R serve you smoother driving over rough pavement. Supported by comfortable front seats, you can hold up to long-distance trip finely. This small vehicle has fuel economy capacity of 27 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. Yet, you should be ready with quite noisy sounds of the engine during driving at high rpm.

Additional Features

The big point from 2018 Toyota CH-R R is might be coming up from its Toyota Safety Sense. You can get driver assistance package to use camera and radar to automatically give you warn of lane drifting and brake before a collision. The standard safety system also includes adaptive cruise control to automatically match the speed of slower traffic ahead and gradually bring the car to complete stop. The other standard feature from CH-R includes automatic headlights, traffic-adapting cruise control, and automatic climate control. This might be the reason why Toyota is targeting the youth for this crossover. As the young get less driving experience so having complete safety standard is a big matter.

If these features are what you have been looking for, why don’t you choose Toyota CH-R for your new buddy in the garage?

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