2018 Subaru Crosstek Small-sized SUV

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2018 Subaru Crosstek is a perfect compact crossover for everyone who is in search of an amazing high-riding experience. This crossover has been a favorite for many drivers who seek for a little more ride height, decent gas mileage at a low price, four-wheel drive capability. Not to mention that this year’s model has been redesigned to burnish that appeal.


The new 2018 Subaru Crosstek is once again a jacked-up of Impreza hatchback and its exterior shares much essentially with other lower-riding vehicles. As for the front and rear, they come with rocker panels and wheel arches. They also get plastic cladding to give the vehicle a more rugged look. The new Subaru Crosstek is similar with the Impreza, they both rides on Subaru’s new Global Platform. It features a sophisticated front-strut suspension with bracing. This new feature is for strengthened mounting points as well as additional lateral support. Good news for Subaru fans which is there has been revision for its rear multilink suspension and there is relocation for both the front and rear anti-roll bars.


2018 Subaru Crosstrek

The 2018 Subaru Crosstek provides outstanding ride comfort and compliance. Moreover, the body roll was sufficiently contained for a compact crossover. Minor imperfection from this vehicle is hardly noticed. The steering is now quicker than before. It is going from a 16.0:1 to a 13.0:1 ratio. Although the rack offers little communication and the effort remains light, those aspects are something that buyers aren’t likely to be concerned about. Meanwhile, if you know about the new Subaru Crosstek’s brake-based active torque vectoring, you may be bothered by this. Moreover, there is lack of feedback from it. Fortunately, a revised brake booster and master cylinder make for a firm brake pedal is easy to modulate.


2018 Subaru Crosstrek

The new 2018 Subaru Crosstek is now roomier and quieter. The manufacturer has reduced the number of pass-through in the firewall in order to mitigate the amount of engine noise which reaches the cabin. This vehicle gets a sound-insulated windshield both on Premium and Limited trims. Additionally, thicker glass has been placed in this vehicle with sound-deadening material in order to create a peaceful environment. For excellent visibility, the manufacturer provides the slim A-pillars and large front area, while the seats for this crossover will give the passengers all-day comfort. This vehicle is roomier than before since the passenger volume grows from 98 to 101 cubic feet in the outgoing generation.

There is an additional 1.1 inches in the front and 1.3 inches in the rear that increasing room and allowing the front seats to be placed farther apart. Another additional 1.1 inches comes from rear-seat legroom, but it cushions is too short for full-size adults. The swollen body is beneficial for its cargo volume. The 2018 Subaru Crosstek is able to swallow 21 cubic feet of gear with its seats upright and 55 for the seatbacks folded. As for the cargo, it should be easy to load since the width of the hatch opening has been increased. This addition is allowing for bulkier cargo.

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