2018 McLaren P16 Specs and Review

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Maybe some of you still unfamiliar with McLaren brand, especially if you’re not from England. McLaren is a British brand which deals in sports and racing cars. More than 10 years ago during the Geneva Motor Shoe, the McLaren 650S came to the market and took over the sports car market segment by storm as an alternative that besides already worn off MP4-12C model. The brand has launched various vehicles and its newest ace P16 is supposed to top its list as it can be seen as a successor to its latest McLaren Spider 650. The new 2018 McLaren P16 is a sports car which has an ability to take over the market once again and it will establish its supremacy.

Engine and Specs

People expect the 2018 McLaren P16 to be more advanced with newer technology and configuration to better its predecessor. There is a strong rumor float around the sports car lovers that the new P16 will arrive in various body versions. The McLaren P16 will prove to be a great masterpiece which will blend styling cues from both the P1 supercar and the 12C. The car also expected will emit less carbon-di-oxide, be more powerful and agile. Other vital features will help to make the car a world-class car that waited by many people. Rumor has reached automobile circles that the McLaren P16 is will sure share the same 3.8L V8 powertrain instead of sharing 2.9 V6 engine. The engine is the one that powers the rest of the McLaren line-up.

2018 McLaren P16

Although the 2018 McLaren P16 hasn’t hit the market yet, internet sources said that the new car is a sport car that will be worth a wait. The car features a hydro-electric yaw-control technology that added with roll compensation, torque vectoring, and anti-dive which are supposed to make it more powerful and fast on tracks. Just as a preview, the new McLaren 2018 will consist of a powerful motor controlled by 7-speed twin-grasp transmission. The transmission framework will take less than 3 seconds to run from 0-60 miles/hour and it will go a long way in spreading power to back wheels.

The 2018 McLaren P16 will combine with carbon rotors that will help in moderating its speeds quickly from high to low and electric motors of new generation to create advanced and ultra-new hybrid system. According to well-placed sources, the luxury British automaker has already started to work on the new generation of P16 which is expected to be the successor to the 2015 McLaren 650 Spider. The British automobile giant rumor’s that going around said that the company has already rolled out of plans of releasing a new model every year until 2019. The new P16 sport car is taken risks to arrive in the market with several body configurations and versions.

As you can expect, the much hyped up 2018 McLaren P16 will become a better sport car than the McLaren 650S in almost every aspect. According to sports car expert, the car will be faster, agile, powerful, and it will have lesser carbon dioxide emissions.