2018 Lexus LC: The Top Rank Luxury Sport Car

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What’s going to be cooler than driving around the city with luxury sport car? Yes, now you can do the same. Coming out in the newest version, 2018 Lexus LC has been placing its position on the top rank of luxury sport car. This coupe offers more from cool profile, luxurious interior, until the impressive performance. Check out how the new Lexus LC debut will give you a big impression in detail.

The Best Performance Diva

2018 Lexus LC

2018 Lexus LC is going to be one of the divas of sport car with the best performance. Under the hood, Lexus LC is powered up with the base engine of 5.0-liter V8. This powertrain is also paired driving the rear wheels through a 10-speed automatic transmission. The automaker claims that the car can generate up to 471 horsepower and 398-pound-feet of torque. This coupe offers fuel economy capacity to 16 mpg for driving around the city, 26 mpg on the highway, and 19 mpg when combined. The fuel tank capacity can be filled up to 21.7 gals.

Moreover, the suspension delivers smoother riding quality with quitter cabin, especially in Sport mode. The more worth point is the lateral grip of 0.93 g and 156-foot stop from 70 mph. This coupe can pass at 112 mph with 13.0-second quarter-mile run. Even the steering feature is precise and predictable. You can quickly take most turns only with one full turn of wheel. Definitely, LC coupe is the best as compared to another coupe in the same class.

Unbeatable Luxurious Interior

Looking at the appearance, it’s already enough to give you the best impression. The body is designed with aluminum uni-body and the cool front-end body provide massively meshed grille. Under the hood, the body is made from high-strength welded steel and carbon fiber. It makes 2018 Lexus LC has the highest torque stiffness among the predecessor. Adding the exterior point, the wheels are made from 20-in polished 10-spoke cast alloy with 245/45R20 (front) and 275/40R20 (rear) run-flat summer tires.

2018 Lexus LC

Move on to the interior,2018 Lexus LC is actually flawless. It is made from the high-end materials and trimmed details. The driver will feel roominess inside the coupe with slightly higher driving position and wider head-leg-and-shoulder-room. Moreover, the controls are oriented toward driver with cockpit feeling design. The coupe is also designed with free-floating door handles and wider entries. So, you can easily get in and out without having to fall into the seats like the other rival cars. The seating feature is more accommodating to wider range of body types so you can sit comfortably while driving.

More Features to be Your Favorite

More additional features that worth to be noted is the wide range of driver aids. There is parking assistance with sensors to work along with blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. For entertainment feature, 2018 Lexus LC offers a nice widescreen central display. However, unfortunately, you can’t connect your gadget to the device due to an existence of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

So, are you ready to rock out the city roads now?

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