2018 Honda Odyssey Specs, Review and Price

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Honda is one of the automakers that branches out into four-wheel industry with its impressive car lineup. In 2017 where automakers are in race with releasing their 2018 vehicles, Honda will not miss out the as opportunity. The newest of its variant is 2018 Honda Odyssey. The 2018 version is expected to be the successor of the previous Odyssey version. Odyssey may be less popular than Jazz and it certainly is more targeted for family who is looking for family-friendly car. What’s this newest model brings surely is an exciting trivia? Here is the specification, review of performance and price.

  • 2018 Honda Odyssey Look: Exterior and Interior

2018 Honda Odyssey

The design of this car is quite distinctive if not unique since by first glance it is apparent that Honda does not want to lose out the Honda trademark design. It had the friendly and sleek look. The grill is minimalist with trademark H put in the center. The considerably large space makes this considered ad minivan. However, the perfectly trimmed bumper and facelift design make it look soft and modern at the same time. The headlamps are put somehow lower in the front that makes this minivan even less intimidating and family friendly.

2018 Honda Odyssey

The interior of the car is really impressive and premium as well. The leather-covered seats and dashboard look earthly elegant without making it too flashy and cheesy. The navigation screen is perfectly placed in the center with 5 inches wide and beautiful design to align with the dashboard. The car is also complete with high tech speaker, safety device, USB, Bluetooth and many entertainment features. The 2018 Honda Odyssey has more features compared to car in its class. The leg room is spacey and comfortable and the 7 seat passengers are well put that each passenger will have their own space. The minivan may look sporty externally but the interior is family friendly. Definitely, this car is good to be a family go car.

  • Honda Odyssey Engine Specification

2018 Honda Odyssey

The minivan does not only come with friendly design but also friendly engine that works well to satisfy the driver. The vehicle is coupled with 3.4-liter V6 engine that can produce 280 horsepower. The horsepower is 28 higher than the previous model. The EPA score is also tolerable with 28 mpg on the highway and 18 mpg in the city. Complemented with nine wheel transmission, the 2018 Honda Odyssey has no trouble getting around on the road despite having larger size than compact car. The overall performance makes this Odyssey a huge step up and definitely promising car in its class.

  • Honda Odyssey Release Date and Price

This latest and remodel of Honda Odyssey is already released and is rolling out in the market. The car is a good consideration in case one wants to get minivan with good features. The price of 2018 Honda Odyssey is also a good choice with only around $29,000 a considerably competitive price. This Odyssey version generates enthusiasm because of its solid features, desirable design, and price.

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