2017 Tesla Roadster Specifications, Performance, and Price

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2017 Tesla Roadster

Tesla is the legend of American automotive industry. It is the most well-known brand along with Chevrolet. Tesla is known for its electric car and now it has geared up for better class with its Roadster sport car. Tesla will release 2017 Tesla Roadster pretty soon and it is highly anticipated since it is the second generation of Roadster and many improvements are expected to boost this car in all aspects, from design to performance. To answer your curiosity upon this new sport car, check the description and review below.

Engine and Specs

2017 Tesla Roadster is powered by powerful engine of. V8 and V6 for other options, in which are not claimed yet. It is predicted to produce 400 horsepower with relatively fair fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency is Tesla’s strong point so even if it is a sport car, it will score higher than 30 mpg in EPA. It is expected to give crisp and speedy performance without losing the steering control rate. For the steering it will use either two wheels or all-wheel system with 8 automatic transmissions.

Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior of the car is highly improved with sleek and sharp rear bumper and dynamic side view. It is also designed with convertible roof and an elegant grille with sharp but stylish headlight. It still retains some of its predecessor that is distinct of Roadster but it still looks decent and has been adjusted since the last Roadster was ten years ago. The 2017 Tesla Roadster managed to not lose its original distinctive feature and being a decent sport car that matches this century. The current teaser shows the car in white color, it is highly possible that Tesla will announce another color lineup since sport car usually also strive for flashy color.

2017 Tesla Roadster

Move to the interior of the car, it is not surprising to find a set interior as flashy as the exterior. It will feature Nappa leather for the upholstery and dashboard and a mix of aluminum and polished zinc material to enrich the luxuriousness of the car. 2017 Tesla Roadster also features newest and most sophisticated technology with integrated navigation system along with touch screen and rearview camera as well as high-quality speaker. The leg room, despite the narrow shape, is surprisingly spacey in front seat since it is only features two low-backed seats. However the passenger needs to go out if the driver wants to move the convertible roof since the height of the car is comparatively low.

Price and Release Date

There is no exact description of the car since this car, unlike other cars that are released early in 2016, is rather released in early or mid 2017. Tesla also does not reveal much about the price of the car and only give spoiler about the body of the car. The 2017 Tesla Roadster is expected to roll on market with price around $150,000 it can be more expensive or cheaper depend on Tesla’s promotion. Hopefully, the car performance will worth the price and Roadster will not get discontinued again if it is well received.

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