2017 NSX Acura, A Supercar For Us Who Are Not Millionaire

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2017 Acura NSX

Supercars are those things that only exist in many people’s dreams. I mean normal people don’t really need to drive a car that goes from 0 to 200 mph in a matter of second.  The only people who own supercars are either celebrities or millionaires. Similarly, there are also not that many manufacturers for supercars mainly because how expensive it is and how limited the market for supercars. The best supercars manufacturers that most people know are either Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Bugatti, but dis you know that honda also has their own supercars ? Yup coming from Honda, the company who is known to make the family friendly car whose age can outlast the driver, comes the 2017 Acura NSX.


Recently released in April, Honda released their newest generation of their supercar line, the 2017 NSX Acura. The 2017 NSX Acura comes with a price of only around $160,000, it is quite cheap if you compare it with McLaren 650S, Lamborghini Aventador, or Aston Martin Vanquish whose price are all over $250,000. However, despite its cheaper price, 2017 NSX Acura still manages to give the feeling of driving a supercar. For the most basic model of 2017 NSX Acura, you will get a mid-mounted twin-turbo V6 engine that will be the source of power to move the wheels. The engine itself is actually pretty good and perform very smoothly, it has 500 horsepower with motors that will increase that by 73. You can go from 0 to 60 mph in just about 3 seconds with the top speed capping at 191 mph. The base model also comes with a fully lighted exterior, a rear camera, automatic climate control, and a noise cancellation system. And all of the interiors are covered with leather.

 2017 NSX Acura Exterior

On the exterior, we can clearly see that Acura tries to make the 2017 NSX Acura to give a futuristic feeling in its design. We can see this through the use of that flaring nostril that hides the radiators and condenser. In a first glance, we can see how the design is also influenced by the Italian supercars with the use of the virile flair that is very common among Italian supercars. The frame used in the 2017 NSX Acura is mostly made out of aluminium but at some components, there is also some use carbon fiber like in the trunk and the roof panel.


2017 Acura NSX

Much like the other modern cars, the 2017 NSX Acura also uses various driving modes to satisfy all your driving needs. There is the basic mode called the sports mode and then there is also the quiet mode where the car will minimize the performance to give a quieter and smooth driving experience. In this mode, all exhausts baffles and other components are closed which cause the speed to cap at 4000 rpm. There is also sport plus mode where you are basically going all out making the car feels more aggressive and wild, but still maintains a decent driving experience.

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