2017 Lincoln Navigator; Modern SUV for You

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2017 Lincoln Navigator is one of the great new car models that will be ready to get the public’s attention. In this new release, some important changing and some innovation in the technology are added to this car to make the consumers happy with it. The upgrade of the previous model into the newest model is of course for the sake of a better future of Lincoln Navigator. The specifications, interior design, and exterior design are things that very important to you to know about this new model as well. Are you curious about this car? Do you want to know more about it? Here is the information for you.

This 2017 Lincoln Navigator is rumored to have such a great specifications which will make it different than the previous model. For your information, this car is supported with 380-hp and 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6, six-speed automatic. Besides that, this car also supported with the turbocharged induction and has a choice of regular and premium fuel types. Meanwhile, for the bore and the stroke, this car is supported with 92 mm and 86 mm. The rumor of the specifications of this new car makes everybody more curious about this car.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

Meanwhile, in the exterior design, there is still no specific information about the changing. However, there is a strong chance that 2017 Lincoln Navigator will have a strong appearance, as the same with the previous type of this car. This SUV car will look very great and strong and it becomes the other reason why people love this kind of exterior design for this car. Meanwhile, for the interior design, you do not have to worry, since it will turn out as beautiful as the outside appearance of this car. The interior design will make you feel more comfortable to drive your car everywhere.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

For the dimensions, this 2017 Lincoln Navigator will have 5,269 mm in its length. Meanwhile, for the width and the height, it will be about 2,231 mm and 1,984 mm. For the weight, this car will have about 2,759 kg in weight. Meanwhile, for the dimensions of the wheelbase, this car will have 3,022 mm and for the front track and rear track, it will have 1,701 mm and 1,708 mm. So, the explanation about the dimensions of this car already becomes the representative of how the look of this car will be. So, what do you think about the specification of this car?

In conclusion, there is some changing and improvement on this new model of Lincoln Navigator when it compared with the previous model. However, this car still has some unveiled specifications and detail, especially about the exterior designs explanation and also the interior designs. However, the price rumor of this car is already spreading to the public. Even though the price is still not the specific price that belongs to this car, it can be your consideration if you think that you match well with this car and decide to buy it. The price of this car is about $78,000. So, what do you think about this 2017 Lincoln Navigator?

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