2017 Lincoln MKX for Your Best Crossover SUV

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2017 lincoln mkx reserve

SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle is the vehicle which belongs to light truck. However, SUV is operated as family car because it is similar to estate car or large station wagon. SUV is supported by four wheels drive with on-road and off-road ability. SUV has several types like SUV with passenger spaces for four people and pickup truck. There is also SUV which is called as crossover SUV. Crossover SUV is a type of SUV that combines passenger vehicles and hatchback or large station wagon. Crossover SUV has tall interior packaging. Since it is tall interior packaging, the crossover SUV has high H-point seating, high ground clearance, high center of gravity and all wheels drive capability. The crossover SUV like 2017 Lincoln MKX is featured with independent rear suspension, light weight and handle and better fuel economy if it is compared with trucks.

The origin of crossover SUV comes from the Wall Street Journal that states crossover SUV is like wagon that rides like cars but it looks like sport utility vehicle or SUV like 2017 Lincoln MKX. The first generation of crossover SUV is Willys-Overland Jeepster which released in 1948. Crossover SUV is popular in the United States of America; therefore, America is famous for producing crossover SUV like Lincoln Motor Company.

Lincoln Motor Company belongs to Ford Motor Company which focuses on selling luxurious vehicles like 2017 Lincoln MKX which is officially sold in South Korea and the Middle East. Lincoln MKX is a series of crossover SUVs from Lincoln Company which is unveiled for the first time in December 2006. The first generation of Lincoln MKX is manufactured by CD3 platform from Ford Edge. Meanwhile, the second generation of Lincoln MKX is featured with CD4 platform from Ford Edge. The crossover SUV which is produced in Oakville Assembly, Oakville, Ontario, Canada is featured with front wheel drive as well as all wheels drive.

The first generation of Lincoln MKX has fascia projector beam headlight assembly that is adjustable for fog like 2017 Lincoln MKX. This crossover SUV also has sunroof which is manufactured from Panoramic Vista Roof. The sunroof has clear glass roof with forwarding power sunroof like in the Aviator Concept in 2004. The sunroof has two sophisticated features which are fixed rear moonroof and dual sun shades.

2017 lincoln mkx reserve

Dealing with the interior, 2017 Lincoln MKX is built with high quality of leather seats. The design of the steering wheel is considered as classic design since it has wood accent. The wood accent is not only the steering wheel but also in door panels and dash areas. The luxurious design of this car is supported by thick carpet, heated mirror with double power of puddle lamps, automatic headlights, and automatic dimming rearview mirrors. This car also contains air conditioner and heater which are automatically adjusted to the temperature in the both front and back seats. For the safety, Lincoln MKX is featured with high accuracy of GPS which is connected to the satellite, double airbags for the front seats and the seat belt.

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