2017 Jeep Commander; Designs and Specifications

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For you who are Jeep lovers, here is a good news in this 2017. 2017 Jeep Commander is ready to show you its new performance and model. As it is widely known, Jeep always gives the best performance of their cars and it can attract many people around the world. It will be the end of a long waiting of this Commander model to come back to the market. After the first introduction of this model in 2005, this car will have some changing on its model and some changing in specifications. What are the new things from this car? Here is the information for you.

2017 Jeep Commander

Exterior Design

In the exterior design, this 2017 Jeep Commander will have some updates in some parts. Even though the look will not change that much, there will be some changing that make the car looks better that the previous model. Actually, for the appearance, the look of this model is not that different when it is compared with the previous model of Jeep Commander. The modification of the exterior design of this car is mere to deal with the freshness, yet it still keeps the characteristic of Jeep in general. Of course, the modification has purpose to not forgetting the real atmosphere or feeling about the cars from Jeep.

Interior Design

Meanwhile, in the interior features, this 2017 Jeep Commander, you will find some differences and additional interior design in this car. Even though it still keeps the tradition of Jeep cars’ look, there will be some innovation in the interior design. In this model, you will find the three rows of seats that make this car possible to carry seven passengers at the same time. You will also find enough space that will give you more comfort levels. When it is compared with the previous model, this car will have better level of comfort.

2017 Jeep Commander

In this car’s interior design, you also can find a few trims that are going to be featured on this car. For the example, you can find the Limited version and the Sport versions. Besides that, you will get some basic accessories or any equipment in this car. Something like the AC, assistance driver seat and also CD stereo will be a good support for you. The features that support both the Sport and Limited version will be different from each other. For the example, in 2017 Jeep Commander Sport version, you will find the climate handle technique, adjustable pedals and also updated gadgets. Meanwhile, in the Limited version, you will find the features such as satellite radio, twin skylights and also power sunroof.

2017 Jeep Commander Specification

After talking about the design, talking about the engine is also something that very important to know deeper about the new model from Jeep. The engine of this car will be supported with 3.7-liter V6 engine that can produce about 235 pound-feet of torque and also 210 horsepower. Meanwhile, for the Sport version, the engine will be 5,7-liter V8 engine and it can produce more power that the other model. However, there is still no other information regarding with more information about the specification, price and also the date release. So, what do you think about 2017 Jeep Commander?

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