2017 Honda Rincon; The First ATV in the World with Automotive-Style

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2017 Honda Rincon

ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle is a vehicle that is usually used to travel with on low-pressure tires. This ATV has handlebars like motorcycle but has four wheels as car. For the first, ATV was used for military and it was found with three wheels. Day by day, ATV has been used for some aspect and it begins to introduce with four wheels. Nowadays, we will not only find ATV for certain purpose but we can easily find ATV in some tourist attractions. Then, you can also have it for yourself since there are some companies that have been launched ATV series. One of them is Honda. For this year, Honda will release 2017 Honda Rincon which has spectacular specs.

Engine and Performance

2017 Honda Rincon is anticipated with its exclusive unique features. As the best ATV from Honda, Rincon has an Exclusive Natural Gear Camouflage color which has soft pattern and shadows free. For engine, ATV Rincon is known as the liquid cooled 4 stroke ATV which features with fuel injected 675cc OHV engine and a single cylinder. With this engine, Honda Rincon will have dependable power. Moreover, it also completed with the engine operating temperature system with high capacity of liquid cooling. So, it will be still in normal temperature even in extreme condition or even in maximum power output.

For the best performance, 2017 Honda Rincon also will be completed with high technology additional features. There will be a multi-function LCD digital as the instrument which is waterproof, compact and tough. There will be clock, odometer, speedometer, gear selector position, and also resettable trip meter. Moreover, it will be featured with other best instruments such as an LEDs which has function for indicating FI warning, temperature warning, reverse, drive, and neutral. Then, there will be also low-fuel warning light so that will make you easier to know when fuel tank is almost run out.

2017 Honda Rincon

The best ATV from Honda is not only for that specs. There are also other innovations for 2017 Honda Rincon. First, there will be an automatic transmission. Rincon will be the first ATV in the world that has an automotive-style automatic transmission which has route power. This power has a route from engine to a hydraulic torque converter which continues to gears and reverse. It is fully sealed. Second, the ATV from Honda has independent rear suspension. It will be completed with the lightweight forged aluminum components which provide the well controlled wheel travel.

Third, 2017 Honda Rincon has best longitudinal engine. The longitudinal engine from Honda rides the low enough of the frame in optimizing the ground clearance. It also defines a low seat height. Fourth, it has torque sensing differential. The Rincon use a clutches front of differential system so that it will automatically send a power to front wheel. Fifth, there will be ESP (Electric Shift Program) which lets you shift up or down by pushing a button while the electric motor even in disengages. Last, Snorkel Air Intake and Radial ATVE Tires also complete this Honda ATV.

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