2017 GMC Sierra Hybrid Pickup Truck

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For those of you who want to drive a good pickup truck with the best gas mileage rating, I think that it is no longer until we drive a hybrid pickup truck for the daily basis. Yeah, the auto industry is now changed as the technology expands to this segment. Even giant tech-enterprise such as Apple and Google starts to look at this segment. They have managed to built and run autonomous cars that are now a thing. Even Tesla always releases hybrid cars every year with more and more development. It is no wonder that maybe, 5 or 10 years from now, a hybrid truck would be a family vehicle.

hybrid pickup truckIn 2017, there is only few auto manufactures that introduce the first prototype of their hybrid pickup truck. Ford has introduced the new F150 Hybrid model that maybe, would be released in late 2019. As the rival, GMC also introduces a brand new hybrid truck that would start the war in this segment. As we know, the truck segment is a sensitive area that has not changed yet. They still stick with either diesel or gasoline engine. But as the technology brings different approach, it seems that there would be a new stream that changes the truck auto industry.

2017 GMC Sierra Hybrid

hybrid pickup truckGMC reported introducing the new variant of Sierra 1500 with hybrid engine. But it is not a full hybrid truck because it needs gasoline engine to help the truck runs. Plus, it is also named as ‘mild hybrid’ because it doesn’t have enough power for towing and hauling with just electric motor. So, GMC puts the 5.3-liter V-8 engine to be paired with the 24-cell 0.45 kWh battery as the plug in hybrid. Now, you can switch from the regular to hybrid system with just one push. As the result, it will improve at least 13% of its efficiency. Based on the previous test, it is reported that the 2017 GMC Sierra Hybrid could reach 18 mpg on the city streets and more than 23 mpg on the highway. Thanks to the e-Assist Hybrid system – that even though adds the weight of the truck, it would not give negative effect to the towing capacity ratings.

Based on our reporters, it is proven that the electric battery will give 13 horsepower and 44 lb -ft of torque as the additional power. In order to buy this hybrid pickup truck, you need to choose the GMC Sierra 1500 SLT which priced at $ 51,000. Of course, the e-Assist Hybrid will give you a different sensation when you drive with this truck. Other information we know, it seems that this trim level uses only 2-wheel drive system so it is not as strong as the 4-wheel drive model. If you are a big fan of GMC, you can choose this hybrid pickup truck as your new ride. Even though it is not officially sold on the market, you can start to book a test ride on the nearest dealership.

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