2017 Ford Expedition Platinum in White Platinum

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Recently people tend to pick SUV car model rather than other models. The SUV model certainly has more benefits in some situation. There are a lot of automotive industries that release their SUV cars with exclusive models and great engines, Ford is one of it. Ford is very popular with its SUVs and Crossovers. However, Ford actually also produces other cars models such as sedan, truck, vans, and others. In this year, Ford releases some new 2017 cars for some models like Escape, Transit Connect, Edge, Ford Flex, Explorer, and Expedition. The new 2017 Ford Expedition becomes something that is very awaited by SUV lovers. This new 2017 Expedition comes with great features and fuel economy. Here is some information about 2017 Ford Expedition specification.

  • 2017 Expedition XLT: $47.125
  • 2017 Expedition XLT EL: $49.835
  • 2017 Expedition Limited: $56.045
  • 2017 Expedition Limited EL: $58.695
  • 2017 Expedition King Ranch: $60.615
  • 2017 Expedition King Ranch EL: $63.265
  • 2017 Expedition Platinum: $64.205
  • 2017 Expedition Platinum EL: $66.860

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