2017 Ford Edge; New Specifications, Designs and Safety System

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2017 Ford Edge Sport And Hybrid

2017 Ford Edge becomes one of the most anticipated cars that are rumored to be launched in the year of 2017. As the world knows well the product of Ford, this car will make you curious about many changes and innovation when it compared with the previous model. Do you want to know about the specifications and all things that can make you fall in love with this car? If you are curious about it, here is the information for you.

Engine and Performance

This car will be supported with 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder that will provide 21 mpg. Meanwhile, this car will be also supported with six-speed automatic transmission and available in the version of all-wheel-drive versions and front-wheel version. This car will also provide you more comfortable quarters. Meanwhile, you also have several support features from this car that will make you love to use this car. Then, what are the features that you can find in this 2017 Ford Edge? How are the safety system and the interior design?

Model and Safety Systems

In the new model of 2017 Ford Edge, Ford tries their innovation in the interior design. Even though there are not many differences with the previous version, Ford tries to make this car becomes more comfortable for the driver and the passengers. In order to make the passengers feel more comfortable with it, Ford makes it have more space. The space that becomes wider from this car makes everyone in the car will feel comfortable and great to ride it. The other thing related to the interior design of this car is the material of the seats. In this new model, there is no specific changing of the seating model and also the material that cover it. So, it can be said that the material is the same with the previous one in the seating.

2017 Ford Edge Sport And Hybrid

Meanwhile, for the safety system, this car is supported with blind-spot monitoring to increase the safety system of this car. Besides that, this 2017 Ford Edge will also have the support of front and rear cameras to make the safety system become wider and prevent any bad thing happen. Then, you also can find the support of the rear cross-traffic alert that will make you easier in driving your car. So, the safety system of this car will be a good thing for the driver. Then, how are about the other specifications related to this car? How is the price and the date release?

Price and Release

Talking about the price and the date release, there is still no specific information about this car, especially about the date release. However, about the price of this car, some sources said that the MSRP price range of this car is about $ 29,595 until $ 41,795. So, when you think that you will be very interested with this car, it will be better to prepare the budget until the date of the car to be released it out. So, at that time, you will be ready to buy the car. What do you think about 2017 Ford Edge in this new edition?

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