2017 Buick Grand National Preview

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2017 Buick Grand National

Buick Grand National – In 1987 there was a stock crash and the rise of conservatism. So the most popular cars of the era such as Ford Tempos, Chrysler K-Cars, and Chevy Citation were gone. Then, the quality of American cars is continued to sink while Europe and Japan cars were imported millions to America. So, the most exciting cars of the era weren’t supercars but a Buick. After 30 years of hiatus, Buick is back to the game with 2017 Buick Grand National many people predict that the car will release in the first half of 2017. Although nothing official has been confirmed, but many people predict that the car’s price will start from $30.000 and the loaded flagship model will cost around $40,000.

According to the insider, the 2017 Buick Grand National will stick with the Regal styling but with a sporty touch here and there. The front bumper is upgraded with rear diffuser, integrated spoiler, wider tires, side skirts, and wheel arches to match. It could possible that the Buick will have a small trunk lid spoiler. Although the Buick will come with sporting presence but the car will still continue with the general design that we’ve seen that is lots of chrome, oval forms, and fender apertures. The front part comes with LED lights and chrome bezels. The bumpers are nicely integrated and very compact with the rest of the vehicle. The bright lights and functional sharp are equipped with high-quality sources.

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2017 Buick Grand National interior

2017 Buick Grand National interior

And for the 2017 Buick Grand National interior will be pretty much unchanged from the Regal one. But because the new Buick will have sporty touch, it will fit sporty style seats and will give good lateral support. A flat-bottomed ‘D’ shaped steering wheel will also fit the Buick. With this interior, the car will be more than likely have shift paddles fitted and more multifunction. The interior is also a fantasy of every driver out there. The equipment is clean and good in quality. The interior space is furnished by using the best materials only. The seats are equipped with all necessary accessories and furnished in leather. The car can fit into 5 passengers.

Engine and Its Quality Performance

2017 Buick Grand National

The engine for 2017 Buick Grand National has superior quality and performance. The basic model will have 4-cylinder engine with a 2.0 liter turbocharged. The car has torque of 280 lb/ft and an output of 270hp. This engine will be able to produce torque of 280 lb/ft and an output of 325hp. For your information, the power will be transferred to the rear wheels or at the request on all wheels. And it will take 8-speed automatic or 10-speed automatic transmission. Many people assume that the car will use a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbo which produced around 250 bhp, or 3.6 liter V6 which produced around 300bhp, or with the same 3.6 liter V6 but with twin turbo’s fitted which will give a power output around 400 bhp.

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2017 Buick Grand National has safety features such as parking sensors, speed control, traction control, stability control, automatic light, pedestrian detection and much more.

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