2017 BMW X5 Preview

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2017 BMW X5 Preview

Back in the late 1990s, the BMW X5 was the first SUV from BMW. Now, they will launch the 2017 BMW X5. Actually, the BMW X5 was built as a rival to the Mercedes M-Class and it really success in the market. But in 2006, Audi became popular and defeat BMW X5. If we take a look from the outside, the BMW X5 has an unexciting evolution from the previous car but the interior is very modern for fit, finish and design. Not only spacious but the BMW X5 is also comfortable. The car offers to seat for seven people.

2017 BMW X5 has luxurious interior and plenty of practicality, so the X5 will never fail you who after a premium image. Since the BMW X5 arrived in 1999, its car has been considered as one of the most car-like SUVs to drive. The car is engaging to drive but also has a strong construction. The BMW X5 has set a new standard for SUV with its incredible dynamics and a punchy range of its engines. Although the model looks like the third-generation models, but the BMW X5 deliver more practicality and comfort compared to the previous generation. The good point is the interior space has been increased so there are seven seats for passengers.

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Whatever 2017 BMW X5 you choose there is a new technology for a switch on the dashboard called Drive Performance Control. This new technology offers you up to 4 driving modes. You can adjust steering weight, gearshift speed and throttle response according to your mood. The model also features Adaptive M Sports suspension that includes self-leveling air suspension and active damper control at the rear. To give the best driving experience, BMW also offers Adaptive Dynamic suspension to add active anti-rolls bars. If you want to have better body control you have to spend around £2,500 on this suspension.

2017 BMW X5 Preview

2017 BMW X5 is no longer a dynamic benchmark but it offers a combination of performance, efficiency, and refinement with its fine diesel. Because the definition of how an SUV should drive has changed, so the original BMW X5 which introduced sporty handling is gone. The new generation has sharp handling and also excellent off-road ability. The car is perfect for crushing performance because it takes only 4,2 seconds for 0-62mph. The firm suspension will keep the body flatter in corners. It also makes the most of the enormous grip.

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2017 BMW X5 Preview

There is an evolution for 2017 BMW X5 in its interior, design, and technology. The evolution will make BMW fans happy and there’s no lack of tech in the BMW X5.Because the first 2 generations are a huge success for BMW, then they play it safe with the third generation. The flared wheel arches and the squat stance have been toned down and replaced by a front end and slab sides. Although the rear end looks a little bland but the exterior and interior styling has increased. This is making a room for comfortable seats. The latest version has iDrive cabin control system and the dashboard design is luxurious.

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