2017 BMW 7 Series Sedan Review

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2017 bmw 7 series sedan

What do you think about BMW’s car? Is it luxurious? Is it expensive? Is it made in a high technology? Yes, all of those things are right because talking about BMW’s car, it will discuss the vehicle with its luxury, high prices, and high technology. Then, nowadays, BMW releases its new great car that is 2017 BMW 7 Series sedan. The same with the other car from BMW, this car will bring such a nice design and offer for all of the people who want a luxurious sedan to support all of their daily activities. Thus, how about the specifications and the features offered by BMW in this 7 Series? Only for you who are curious, there is the explanation about it as follow.

 2017 BMW 7 series sedan  Specification

Since it is created by one of the greatest car company in the world, so what the buyers can enjoy from the car is the attractive things here, especially from the specification itself. When we discuss the specification of a car, the first thing which will be thought is about the engine. The 2017 BMW 7 series sedan here is 3.0 L 6 cylinder turbo engine. With this engine, the power that can be produced can reach the number of 320 hp at 5200 rpm. As a luxurious sedan, indeed, this sedan is able to have a great performance on the road, or in the other words, this sedan can be driven at a high speed. For the torque itself, the car will have 330 lb-ft of torque at 1380 rpm.

Meanwhile, the transmission of this luxury passenger car is nice too. With its 8 speed of transmission which has two mode select, automatic and manual, of course, the driver can get a good driving experience. After that, for the fuel delivery type of this BMW 7 Series is gasoline direct injection. The ease of direct injection here will make all people get the best luxurious sedan. In addition, for the capacity of the machine, this sedan from BMW has 3000 ccs.


2017 bmw 7 series sedan

Moreover, for the interior of this 2017 BMW 7 Series sedan, you will find several attractive features which can support the car. For instance is the Touch Command Tablet in the dashboard. The 7 inches display there, indeed, cam helps the driver to control the car without any difficulty. Besides, the other features which can be got are apps control and as to make you feel comfort even though in a hot weather. Bluetooth and built-in apps are the nice features from this BMW sedan as well. For the rest features, you can find wi-fi, panoramic roof, compass, and much more.


For the exterior of 2017 BMW 7 Series sedan, you will not regret it. Why? It is because the elegant and luxury look of the car make people amaze to this sedan. Not only it, the various exterior color offered by BMW adds the attractive thing from the vehicle. In this case, there are several color which can be chosen namely ruby black metallic, azurite black metallic and moonstone metallic.

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