2017 BMW 440i and the Specifications of This Car

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2017 BMW 440i

2017 BMW 440i becomes another new car from BMW that follow the revision of BMW’s 4 series. This car model is included as the part of upcoming revision of 2017 cars from BMW 4-series. When it comes to the term of revision, of course, we are talking about some changing that we have in the car as well. Besides that, we also have to know about some differences that happen make it better or make a very different specification than the previous one. So, the changing may make you curious about it, so it would be better for you to read some explanation about this car in the following paragraphs.

2017 BMW 440i Exterior and Interior Style

Starting with the exterior designs, some rumors said that the changing of the exterior design will be not that big when it compare to the engine. So, it can be said that the BMW keep it similar to the previous model of the series. For the additional, there will be only small additional or small changing in the design. For simple explanation, this 2017 BMW 440i series will have some changing in the kidney grille design. The grille will be featured with three lower intakes and besides that, this car will also support with the muscular hood line that will make the car better in looking. Besides that, there is also the additional presence of the 18-inch wheel and the additional of LED technology in the lamp.

2017 BMW 440i

Meanwhile, for the interior design, here we have the same result as talking about the changing of the exterior design. In the interior design, the design of this 2017 BMW 440i will be very similar to the previous model. Of course, it happens for a reason. The car is not focusing on the update of the design, but the engine. So, the interior design of this car is not going to change from the previous model. However, you do not have to worry since the previous model still has a very impressive interior design.

Engine and Technology

2017 BMW 440i

Then, we come to the most important part of knowing about this car which is no other than knowing about the engine specification of this car. Well, knowing about the engine is a very important thing, since you will also know about the performance of the car that will be supported with the engine. In the case of this 2017 BMW 440i, we will find that this car is supported with a 3.0-liter engine and the technology of Twin Power Turbo technology. By the support of the engine, the power that is produced by this car are about 326 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. By the data, the fact that we get is the power of this series already increase from 20 hp when it is compared with the previous version.

That information about the specification of the car and a bit information about both exterior and interior design are important things that you have to know. When you decide to buy this car, of course, you have to consider those things. That is all the information that I can give for you about the 2017 BMW 440i.

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