2016 Toyota Prius Hatchback Preview

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2016 Toyota Prius Hatchback is one of the most anticipated cars in the United States. We’ve heard everything about Prius, even most of them are jokes. But, the fact that there are many people out there still driving this hatchback is a proof that even the funniest car in the world is still beloved. This time, we will show you about the new Prius hatchback that is likely to appear at the end of this year. The price is affordable and is suitable for those of you who are looking for a low-budget vehicle. And don’t forget about the performance of the new Prius that gives you enough torque to hit the road.

Exterior and Interior Design

2016 Toyota Prius Hatchback is available in several colors. Toyota gives you 7 color options in total. Now you can customize with your desire and match your taste. It uses all season tires with 15-inch alloy wheels that make the hatchback looks lower. The rear end is decorated with the rear spoiler to counterweight the balance. Overall, the exterior of 2016 Toyota Prius looks like a sedan instead of regular hatchback because it has lower end. But after all, Toyota classified this car as hatchback model.

Inside, the interior has different story to tell. It looks clean, dynamic and has ergonomic design. This car can bring up to 5 passengers with 2 front headrests and 3 rear headrests for passengers. The center seat is a Child Seat Anchor so you can let the kids sit on their own seat. The front seat use Bucket model, while the rear uses Split-folding Rear Seats where you can fold or spread it, depends on your occasion. The rear storage is available and gives you spacious room for your belongings.

Engine and Transmission

Toyota will release the new 2016 Prius in several series. But all of them uses 1.8-litre engine as the powertrain. The best part about the new Prius is the CVT Transmission that will let you drive seamlessly. Each trim level has different drive-train – and it distinguishes the prices for each type. Just like the other cars, the one with all wheel drive system is more expensive than the two-wheel system.

2016 Toyota Prius Hatchback

Toyota confirms that the new Prius 2016 is also available in Hybrid model The plug-in hybrid motor will save the fuel consumption once it is activated. EPA estimates the miles range for the plug-in hybrid model is approximately 55 mpg. We couldn’t find out how much horsepower that produced by this 4-cyl engine, but the Hybrid model is enough to satisfy your needs.

Just like what I stated before, 2016 Toyota Prius hatchback is available in several trim levels. There will be 3 names for this hatchback; Two Eco and Three Touring and Four Touring. All of them use the same engine but distinguished by the additional packages.

MSRP and Lease Price

The price of 2016 Toyota Prius Hatchback is $ 25,000 as MSRP. You can go to the nearest authorized dealer in your town in order to find out the lease price for the new Prius hatchback 2016.