2016 Tesla Model S Sedan Redesign and Changes

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2016 Tesla Model S Sedan Redesign and Changes

The new 2016 Tesla Model S sedan is ready to be marketed around the world. Even though there is no major change on the interior and exterior design of this sedan, but you will get many advantages from this sedan. Moreover, Tesla is known as the automaker that makes the best electric car around the world since a long time. As the pioneer, Tesla continues to release more and more electric vehicles for the automotive enthusiasts around the world. And this time they bring new luxury car that is powered with hybrid engine.

The only change on the new Tesla Model S Sedan is the exterior color that now is available in several choices. 2016 Tesla Model S sedan looks sensational with elegant look and curvy exterior. I know that only a few automotive enthusiasts that know and even use Tesla as their daily vehicle but with more affordable price, it is approximate $ 70,000 as MSRP, Tesla hopes that the new Model S will bring more buyers for the company.

Engine and Transmission

You might be confused about the engine that will be used because Tesla Motors doesn’t give a nickname for their engine. They have a code for each engine that used and also indicate the trim levels of the car. Like when you choose the 70D, then the car has 70-kilowatt battery that comes in the dual drive; you can choose the rear wheel drive system or the all wheel drive model. Based on the code of the car, there will be 3 trim levels available for the auto fans.

You can choose the 90D that is coming out with 90-kWh pack battery and it is supported with all-wheel drive system. Another line up that is recommended for the auto fans is 85D with 85-kWh battery that is also available in both all wheel drive or rear wheel drive model. It seems that both automated and manual transmission is also available depends on the kind of trim levels that you choose.

It’s okay if you think that the electric car can’t provide good performance. But it is different with 2016 Tesla Model S sedan that has good performance. Even you can start from 0 and get 60 mph in less than 4 seconds with 85D and it takes only 2.8 seconds to reach 60 mph with 90D Model. With just 40 minutes, you can get the full battery and start your journey efficiently.

2016 Tesla Model S Sedan Features

The entertainment features of Tesla Model S have been improved with the new LCD screen. Tesla wants to make sure that all the passengers are comfortable to join the trip with Tesla Model S. Also, you will get more convenience features such as auto zone climate control that will make sure all the passengers get the best air flow. Tesla also improves the airbags with knee, side-curtain, head airbags and it comes with rear seatbelt pretension to make sure the passengers won’t move during accident. With all of the changes, auto fans should give a chance for 2016 Tesla Model S sedan.

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