2016 Mini Cooper Paceman Concept, Specifications, Reviews

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2016 Mini Cooper Paceman Concept, Specifications, Reviews

2016 Mini Cooper Paceman finally make a come back since it was first released in 2012. This is kind of sub-compact hatchback that will give you the eccentricity with its unique design. As we know that Mini Cooper is one of the best car makers in the world that always keep the old fashioned style of the exterior. Even the concept of the exterior has become the trademark of Mini Cooper for a long time. Even it keeps the mini design that comes along with a unique style that will give you different hatchback in compare with the others.

During this time, there are so many car makers that compete to release a new hatchback with a sporty look. But it is different with the Mini Cooper that release the next generation of Paceman with its trademark. It has a small dimension with a cute appearance. It seems that Mini Cooper wants to attract the auto fans with its authenticity. They try to break the limit by bringing a different model of hatchback on 2016. So, let’s take a look what is inside and how 2016 Mini Cooper Paceman can be the best option for the auto fans in 2016.

2016 Mini Cooper Paceman Design

The design of this hatchback become the main attraction for the auto fans around the world. It seems that Mini Cooper holds the old chassis, but they wrap it with a new design. The combination between the old bodywork and new exterior concept bring unique style on the outside. As you can see, Mini Cooper keeps the round LED lights with the two separated grille. Even though the design looks aerodynamic but 2016 Mini Cooper Paceman has a flat roof.

On the inside, you will find out that the interior quite simple. The minimalist dashboard looks perfect with the simple stitching premium leather that cover the seating system. You do not need to be afraid because even though it looks small from the outside, but you will feel comfortable to join the ride with new Paceman 2016.

2016 Mini Cooper Paceman Engine And Performance

The small dimension gives advantages when you want to drive fast with Mini Cooper Paceman. It has Turbocharged engine 1.8-liter that is strong enough to produce more than 180 horsepower. Thanks to the turbo engine because it makes the performance of this hatchback is more aggressive, you can reach 100 km per hour in just 8 seconds.

Even though the EPA-estimation has not be released yet, but we predict that this hatchback has good gas mileage. It is predicted to reach 24 mpg combined, on the city and highway. Rumours said that there will be a new transmission, but we are not sure about that.

Price And Release Date

The price and release date for the new Paceman have not released yet. We need to wait the confirmation about the exact price of this hatchback from Mini Cooper. As the estimation, the same model of Paceman that released in 2012 was worth for $ 21,000 as MSRP. Let’s wait the exact price of 2016 Mini Cooper Paceman.


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