2016 Lotus Elan Concept, Engine and Price

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2016 Lotus Elan Price

2016 Lotus Elan Concept, Engine and Price

2016 Lotus Elan is the entry level of supercar in the marketplace as it has amazing bodywork just like Lamborghini. As you can see, the design of this car looks aerodynamic so you can hit the pedal as deep as you want and the chassis will support you to reach the maximum power. Now, you can buy a new supercar that comes with affordable price. There is no further information about the release date of Lotus Elan, but some sites predict that this supercar will arrive on the marketplace at the early year. Let’s wait until Lotus announces the release date.

Exterior and Interior

The chassis of this car is made with light-weight materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber that have low mass yet high-strength. The front bonnet is lower and Lotus has removed the standout grille in order to make the front hood looks sharp. Plus, 2016 Lotus Elan comes with new LED Lights and new front bumper that make it looks stylish. There are no vents on the front or the rear hood, and there are no fenders just like the other supercars. Lotus makes everything smooth and it looks fantastic.

Inside, you will get race-sensation as the cabin has sporty style. Lotus has removed some gauges and make the dashboard looks simple, but ensure you will get the best equipment, such as paddle shifter, leather-covered steering wheel, C-pillars dashboard and also some panels on the sides.

Engine and Performance

Lotus will make sure that the owner of Elan 2016 can get the best performance just like what they’ve expected. So, they plant 4.0-liter V-6 engine that delivers more than 400 horsepower up to 740 horsepower. It comes with Direct Injection technology so you don’t have to be afraid about the efficiency level of the engine. The system will reduce the fuel consumption and make sure you get maximum power with certain fuel.

We have got nothing to say when it comes about the transmission and drivetrain that used. Also, the EPA-rated of this car has not revealed yet so we need further confirmation from EPA about this. We will update those things as soon as possible. And the performance of 2016 Lotus Elan is impressive because you can reach 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. It’s not the fastest car in the world, but it is enough to please your friends.

 Price and Release

As what I stated before, we still look for the exact launch date of Elan in 2016. But when it comes about the price, it must be somewhere between 75,000 pounds in the UK. You can convert it to dollars to find out the MSRP of Lotus Elan in the USA. The price is not including the shipping fee if it is not available in the nearest dealership around your town. But at least it is not as expensive as Lamborghini or Bugatti series. And with the 2016 Lotus Elan, you can buy the affordable supercar in entry level segment.

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