2016 Lincoln Continental Specifications Review

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2016 Lincoln Continental Specifications Review

2016 Lincoln Continental is one of the most awaited luxury cars in the US marketplace. We know that Lincoln Continental will bring something different on this new generation because they have promised that the auto fans will get different interior design. As we can see on the picture, the appearance of the new Continental seems to have longer wheelbase. The limousine’s DNA appears on this variant so you will get more confidence when you drive this car on the city streets. The luxury of the car will tell the auto fans that this car is priceless.

The Interior and Exterior Design

As you can see the pictures, the interior looks roomy with exclusive cabin. Lincoln uses lounge concept for the rear passengers’ seat. They will also bring more rear entertainment features that will please the passengers that come to join the trip. Almost all of the interior design is covered with premium leather and new stitching that will show off the luxury of the car. There will be center storages on the rear and front cabin so you can get the proper place to store all of your stuff. On the center of the dashboard, you will find new LCD that looks minimalist.

Move on the outside, it seems that the exterior of 2016 Lincoln Continental is flawless. It looks slim, eye-catching and a little bit mysterious. With all of these combinations, the exterior of the new Continental looks classic and modern at the same time. Lincoln brings huge rims to decorate the legs of this car. The front bonnet looks longer and at the end of it, you will find chromed grille with its classic badge. There are some lines on the bonnet and the front fenders that will make the appearance of this car look expensive. And you will be surprised once you open the rear trunk.

Engine and Performance

There will be 3 types of engine capacity that are available on this variant. You can get the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine with 4-cyl. Another option, you can get 3.7 Cyclone type V-6 engine that will deliver power for more than 280 horsepower. Or, you can choose the top level of the car with 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine which is the same type with the one that used in Lincoln MKS 2016. We couldn’t tell you about the trim levels of 2016 Lincoln Continental because we haven’t got certain information about it.

We predict that there will be front and all-wheel drive system that come in different transmission. You can choose the 6-speed manual transmission or the 9-speed gearbox with automated system. The transmission and drive-train will be announced soon so you need to be patient.

Price and Release Date

If I may ask, can you guess the price of this car? Whatever the rate you guess, the price of the brand new Continental 2016 is under $ 50,000. We estimate that the price of the base model is approximate $ 30,000 as MSRP meanwhile the other 2016 Lincoln Continental trim levels are worth for $ 40,000.

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