2016 Jeep Compass SUV Specifications and Pricing

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2016 Jeep Compass SUV Specifications and Pricing

Do you want to look for any compact crossover SUV car? If you might love to have that one, the 2016 Jeep Compass SUV might be a very good choice for you. Compass SUV is not a kind of new car for Jeep. Well, the first time when Jeep introduced their new Compass SUV was in the 2007 and this car model is included as the 2007 model year. The news said that in 2018, they will stop the production of the Jeep Compass SUV and will replace with the other name of their new SUV cars. So, if you want to have this car, it will be better for you to buy this car before the production is stopped. However, of course, you have to know about this product and the specification at first. What are the specifications of this product?

Well, talking and knowing about the specification of a car is something that will be very important. From the specification, we will know about any ability of cars and also the power or something else that important about the car. Knowing about vehicle of the car can help you to know about how is the limit of your car to work well. Besides that, the specifications are the example of the things that can help you to think again, whether you will buy the car or not. Then, what are the specifications of the 2016 Jeep Compass SUV?

First, let’s talk about the machine of this car. This car is supported with 3.7 L Power-Tech V6 engine. This car is also supported with the 172 hp or 128 kW 2.4 L World I4. How is about the body shape of this car? Well, starting with the height, for the first time production of the Compass SUV, which is in the 2007-2009, the height is about 64.2 inches. For the 2010-present, the height of the 2016 Jeep Compass SUV is about 65.2 inches. The width of this car is 69.3 inches and the length of this car is 173.4 inches. How is about the wheelbase? Actually, this car has 103.7 inches in the weight.

After knowing some specifications of this car, the other thing that you have to know is about the interior and also the exterior of this car. Well, people might pay attention to the car with very impressive look. If you think that you have to have such a cool car, this car will be very matched with your taste. The outlook of this car is very cool and looks sporty. You might fall for this car if you think that you need a car with cool outlook. Do not forget about the interior design of this car, since this car is also having very cool interior design. The last thing that you have to know about this car is about the price. How is about the price of this car? The price of this car is started from $19,595. So, if you think that you like this car, you have to prepare yourself to buy it. that is all for you.

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