2016 Honda Civic Sedan Review

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2016 Honda Civic Sedan Review

2016 Honda Civic Sedan will be available in the US marketplace as Honda confirms that they will release this variant with a turbocharged engine. The current Honda Civic Sedan on the marketplace is using regular DOHC engine as the source of the energy, but Honda promise that they will upgrade the specification of the engine in order to compete with the other sedan series on the marketplace. This is not the debut of Civic Sedan on the marketplace but the upgrade being done in order to enhance the satisfaction of the automotive enthusiast. Based on the Green Car Reports, the engine is not the only one improvements on this variant as Honda will give new design on this sedan.

As you can see the pictures on the gallery below, you will see that the brand new Civic Sedan is sleeker and it looks elegant. Even the sports concept of this car removed and it tends to be elegant than sporty. The 2015 New York Auto Show would be the verification about the overall concept of 2016 Honda Civic Sedan to the public. Now, let’s take a look at the review below and find out the specifications you need.

Design and Interior Style

The exterior of Civic 2016 gets no grille and taillights. On the front hood, Honda removes the grille and change it with a small lie with the logo of Honda on it. It is accompanied by new C-Shaped Tail-lights that gives you new appearance on the corner of the car. Plus, there will be Sleek Roof-line that will give aerodynamic look on the exterior of this sedan. The new generation of 2016 Honda Civic Sedan has new streamlined bodywork that can enhance the efficient about 12-percent.

The interior of this sedan is as good as the exterior design. Thanks to the new dashboard kit and new steering wheel design that look modern. You will find 7-inches LED Screen on the dashboard as navigation and entertainment feature. Plus, the interior of this car is 2-inches larger and wider than its predecessor so the passengers will get spacious legroom on the inside.

Engine and Efficient Level

Honda knows as the car maker that always bring fuel efficient engine on each variant released. On 2016 Honda Civic Sedan, there will be CVT transmission that will enhance the convenience level of the driver when he changes the gear. Now, the 1.5-liter Turbocharged engine is also followed with Direct Injection technology so this sedan can boost more power without even sacrificing the fuel consumption.

The EPA’s rating is around 40 mpg on the highway. Rumour said that the new Honda Civic Sedan 2016 also available in Hybrid engine that offers better efficient level than its predecessor. Let’s wait if this rumour is true or not.

Price and Trim Levels

The price for the base model of Civic sedan is approximate $ 16,000 for the base model. Meanwhile for Civic Si, it is around $ 17,000 on the marketplace. Honda also offers Coupe and Hatchback model that will be available in 2016.

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