2016 Ford Focus RS Sporty Hatchback

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2016 Ford Focus RS Sporty Hatchback

The next generation of 2016 Ford Focus RS is included on the list of cars that worth waiting for next year. As we know that Ford is the king of hatchback because they are one of the pioneer transformation on the hatchback segment. Ford Focus is a brand that also become the typical model of vehicle with 5-door style and semi-sedan type. Now, after they have been on the marketplace for a long time the production of Ford Focus is continued as they will release the new trim levels with RS series. Ford Focus RS is one of the most captivating series on the hatchback segment in 2016 that is worth to wait.

This hatchback has sporty concept that inspired by WRC race. The body is slim and looks modern with new spoiler which is the main characteristic of race car in WRC. With all of the new design, it is not surprising that 2016 Ford Focus RS is awaited by the automobile fans in US and Canada.

Changes And Concept

The race car concept is the thing that brought by Ford in order to give new persona for this hatchback. We used to know that Ford Focus RS is a city car that has responsive handling and has good acceleration to conquer the small street. But now, Ford is trying to give something different to the automotive enthusiasts around the world by adding some of race car components such as the new Alloy Wheels, low front bumper, aggressive appearance, and more sporty on the inside. Ford even use Michelin Cup Tires in order to give a sporty feel for the owner.

The changes on 2016 Ford Focus RS is expected to compete with the all-new Subaru WRX STI that has captivating design. Even with the blue color, Ford Focus RS and Subaru WRX STI have something in common. Both of those vehicles looks sporty, aggressive, nimble and offer good acceleration to drive.

Engine And Gas Mileage

Deep down under the hood, Ford will give you EcoBoost engine with 2.3-liter 4-cyl capacity to support the acceleration. The engine unit produces p to 345 horsepower with the maximum of torque up to 347 lb –ft. The acceleration of this hatchback is better than the other series on the marketplace as Ford offers Torque-Vectoring All Wheel Drive system that will enhance the responsivity of the hatchback.

With better engine technology, it is expected that RS 2016 has excellent rating of gas mileage. It is estimated that the gas mileage is around 27 mpg combined. The engine only available in petrol fuel as Ford told the media they will not use the diesel engine for this series.

Price And Availability

The price for this hatchback is expected around $ 36,000 on the marketplace. You can choose to buy this variant cash on the certified dealership or you can choose to lease this hatchback for 36 months. That depends on your financial state so you can buy the next generation of 2016 Ford Focus RS.


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