2016 Dodge Durango Specs, Price and Review

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2016 Dodge Durango Specs, Price and Review

2016 Dodge Durango is the new SUV that will come as your new family car. Dodge always offers striking body style for each variant of new car that released. And you may have noticed that the new muscle car from Dodge has striking and incredible bodywork that represents the power of its engine. And Dodge also makes sure that you will be satisfied with the design of the new Durango that looks sturdy, bold and also sporty. All the exterior design has been revised with new panel and lines. Even you will get new alloy wheels with new pattern as well.

There will be several configurations for the new Dodge Durango in 2016 with SXT as the base model and the Citadel that comes as the ultra-luxury trim levels. The all new 2016 Dodge Durango comes with rear and all-wheel drive system that can be chosen according to the trim levels. The price of the base model for this SUV is starting at $ 30,000 and for the best trim level comes at price $ 44,000 as MSRP.

Engine and Performance

You will be pampered with two engines that will provide maximum power for the driver. You will get 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine that creates almost 300 horsepower with 260 lb –ft of torque and Dodge also offers you 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 that delivers 360 horsepower. Both of these engines will give squeeze maximum power so you can get enough energy even though you drive with full passengers with 3 rows SUV that contains 8 passengers. The engine is equipped with Fuel Saver Technology that will reduce the fuel consumption.

The all new 2016 Dodge Durango is also equipped with Eco Mode so you can adjust the throttle sensitivity and transmission shift to minimize the fuel consumption. EPA-rated of the new Durango is 17 mpg combined which is fair enough. Surprisingly, the new Durango has good towing performance at 7,500 lbs for the one with V-8 HEMI engine. It is as good as the heavy duty pickup truck on the marketplace.

Safety Features and Security

Dodge Durango is made as family friendly vehicle so they give you complete safety and security system to make sure you arrive on the destination in single piece. This huge SUV is equipped with Hill Start Assist so you will get enough power to start your journey on the hilly roads. And you will get better traction with Electronic Stability Control so you will not experience oversteer or understeer. The most impressing change on this car is the braking system that now is coming out with Rain Brake technology that will remove the water on the brake pad. Durango also offers Ready-Alert Braking for panic stop so it will not harm the vehicle behind you and you can stop smoothly.

All of those braking assist systems come with the other standard brake assist, such as Electronic Brake-force Distribution. Another standard safety feature on this SUV is Blind Spot Monitoring system and Forward Collision Warning Plus. That’s all the review and specification of 2016 Dodge Durango.

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