2016 Buick Encore Hatchback Next Generation

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2016 Buick Encore Hatchback Next Generation

2016 Buick Encore Hatchback is the next generation of its predecessor. The hatchback market is too complicated because there are so many new types of hatchback years by years. It is not surprising that some automotive enthusiasts find it difficult to determine the new hatchback that is suitable for them. Especially when 2015 is almost over and you have not found the best hatchback in 2016, then you can take a look at the new generation of Buick Encore Hatchback that is pretty popular on the market. This is going to be American new hatchback that will compete with the other car makers from all around the world.

Buick confirmed that they will release several types of new cars next year. Enclave still projected for the SUV market, meanwhile 2016 Buick Encore Hatchback is ready to rock the hatchback market in 2016 to replace the previous series of this hatchback. I think you can consider the new Buick Encore Hatchback 2016 as the new partner in driving. This compact hatchback will give you something new on each part of the car. Let’s see what is inside and what the benefits of Buick Encore Hatchback for you.

2016 Buick Encore Hatchback Interior Exterior

The interior of Buick Encore Hatchback looks calm and quiet. The interior is decorated with Two Tone Brown Color or you can choose another option with All Black Materials. The ambience of Buick Encore Hatchback will give pleasure for the passengers and driver inside, thanks to the new trim level offered by Buick.

Meanwhile on the exterior, 2016 Buick Encore Hatchback looks aggressive with new LED Light and Roof Rails. It will give you bold appearance when you use this car on the city street. Even though the exterior tend the same with its predecessor, but I am sure that Buick built with this design for something.

2016 Buick Encore Hatchback Engine

To be honest, we can not confirm the exact engine used in Buick Encore Hatchback. This hatchback is generated with 1.6L with 4-cyl engine that capable of producing 140 horsepower. It is predicted that you can boost from 0 to 60 mph in 9 seconds. Sorry that this hatchback is not built to race.

It has good gas mileage because EPA reports that 2016 Buick Encore Hatchback can reach 25 mpg on the city and 34 mpg on highway. It is pretty impressive because you do not need more cost for fuel consumption. It is paired with All Wheel Drive system so you get more support for the source of power. Buick also offers top notch features that will ensure your journey goes well.

2016 Buick Encore Hatchback Release Date

Buick will release the new Encore hatchback on the second quarter of 2016. It is still long though, and the price of this hatchback is around $ 28,000 for base variant. So, if you are looking for captivating hatchback with affordable price then you can choose the 2016 Buick Encore Hatchback as the top option.


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