2015 Honda Fit Review Hatchback

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2015 Honda Fit Review Hatchback

2015 Honda Fit review will guide you to decide whether you will buy this variant or not. You should read some reviews about the car you want to buy so it will guide you and get you know about the specifications of the car. On this page, we will discuss the new Honda Fit that start to be marketed since the early of this year. This is the new variant of Honda Fit that comes with new design, new concept and also it has new performance that will take you to different level of driving.

Honda Fit is classified as the new hatchback that will compete with the other hatchback series on marketplace. This hatchback is suitable for those of you who like to drive on the city street in style. Yes, even though the dimension of the car is not too large, but it has captivating design that will give you pride when you use 2015 Honda Fit. Let’s start to explore and give you point of view with the 2015 Honda Fit review.

2015 Honda Fit Design


The design of the new Honda Fit is quite impressive. There are some pros and cons about the design. Some said that the dimension is too small for the hatchback and you might cramped when you use it to drive on long journey. But some people think different and praise the compact design of this hatchback.

The fact is, the interior is quite large because you will get enough legroom and it will not make you cramped on the inside. Honda adds 60/40-split Magic Rear Seat that can be adjust according to what you want. It can contain up to 4 passengers including the driver and drive comfortably on long journey.

Meanwhile for the exterior side, the car has stylish and slim impression. Honda offers 19 inch Light Alloy Wheels that make the dimension looks proportional. And there will be several exterior color options for the new 2015 Honda Fit.

2015 Honda Fit Engine

The engine that used on Honda Fit classified as low fuel consumption engine system. It has small capacity but enough source power to drive.

Honda uses 1.5-litre 4-cyl engine that is paired with CVT Transmission. The engine can produce up to 160 horsepower and you can drive fast enough with this hatchback. Based on the 2015 Honda Fit review, the gas mileage released by EPA is satisfying. You can reach for about 29 mpg on the city and 37 mpg on the highway which is impressive considering this is just a hatchback.

2015 Honda Fit Price

The price of the new Honda Fit is cheap. You do not have to spend so much money to buy this variant because it will be sold for about $ 16,000 on market. For US market, this is decent price because you do not have to spend more money to drive comfortably with hatchback. Now, the choice is in your hands to decide your move after you read 2015 Honda Fit review.


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