2014 Dodge EcoDiesel for Sale in USA

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What’s most important about pickup truck? Apparently, each person has different answer about it. Some of them would answer the fuel economy is the most important thing. Meanwhile, some of them would say ‘towing capacity’ as the answer. If you are looking for the fuel-efficient pickup truck, then the 2014 Dodge EcoDiesel for sale would be good selection for you. People know this truck for years and this one is also suitable for your new ride. Even though the latest version of Dodge EcoDiesel is available on the market, but this variant might be great for you because it has cheaper price.

Reasons Why You Need to Purchase 2014 Dodge RAM EcoDiesel

There are three points that could be the reason why you need to choose this 2014 Dodge RAM pickup truck. First, it has great gas mileage rating that would help you to save money on fuel. It is rated at 28 mpg for a long journey on the highway with 23 mpg on the city streets. Second, people have known this truck as the most fuel efficient pickup truck on the US marketplace. There are other trucks, but none of them could match with its performance. Third, the price is affordable in comparison with other 2014 pickup truck series. That’s why you need to buy 2014 Dodge EcoDiesel for sale soon.

2014 Dodge RAM is a full-size truck that will help you to move goods with trailer easily. Plus, it has large bed truck so you can put some of the luggage on the box. For those who are seeking a luxury truck, 2014 Dodge RAM EcoDiesel should be on your list as well. It has great cabin that can accommodate 4 passengers. Each of them would sit comfortably with large leg room. Plus, it has great interior features that will give you better driving experiences.

Specs, Review, and Price

Dodge EcoDiesel for sale

If you are not sure enough about this truck, then you need to see what’s under the hood. 2014 Dodge RAM 1500 EcoDiesel is equipped with HEMI V-8 that will boost 240 horsepower with 420 lb –ft of torque. It is a sensational full-size truck that will help you in towing and hauling. It is important that the truck should have excellent towing capacity rating. The towing capacity is approximately 9,200 pounds which are spectacular. With this power, you can move and bring trailer with loads easily. No need to rush and extra cash to do your business.

Overall, this is a good pickup truck because you can save more money on fuel. On the other hands, you don’t lose the power for towing and hauling. It is good for your business because you can work efficiently without sacrificing anything. Moreover, the price of 2014 Dodge EcoDiesel for sale is affordable and worthy. The average price of 2014 Dodge RAM is $ 33,000 on the market depends on the condition and other things related to it. Now you can buy used Dodge EcoDiesel on Craiglist or e-Bay.

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